Am I sterile?
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LadyJ - February 16

Two days before I got married, my doctor in NY diagnosed me with Chlamydia. In my monogamous mind I knew it could only mean my soon to be husband cheated on me and gave it to me. To make a long story short, I received the medicine and I made my husband get retested as well to ensure that this is wasn't something from our past. (I was told that Chlamydia can live in a woman without you knowing for a long time.) Anyway, since then, my husband and I have been trying to have a baby constantly so when i miss my period you would think I was pregnant but I usually then get some weird spottings (not my period) which make me think that maybe my insides cannot hold a baby anymore because of the length of time I had the STD. I used to have regular periods but now I may miss it for months and still no signs of pregnancy on the home tests.
Now I also get this brown bleeding and stomache cramps but I am unsure of what to make of it . I moved to Florida and now I don't have the same helpful free clinics I used to go to. I am unable to afford health insurance. Can someone give me any helpful tips? I am worried I won't ever have the joy of having my own child someday or worst; I may die of complications within my body because of an STD that wasn't taken care of earlier on.
Any tips are appreciated.


blake - September 10

well i knew a girl named rose who had chlamydia and she is now steril and can not have kids . any kind of infection like that wether it be std or just a kidney infection can make u steril..i took diet pills and im pretty sure im steril as well it gave me an infection that i had for 2 yrs now i cant have kids so it advice 2 u is see a doctor and tell him u want a test too see if u can have children or cant


Kira - September 10

So have you been retested? Is the medicine all cleared up? I dont know very much about chlamydia but i do know my cousin had it for about 6 months (the end of one relationship to the beginning of the next) Thank god they got tested. She did the meds and now she has 2 kids. She did have an ectopic but the doc said it didnt have to do with her chlamydia. So the best thing to do is save a bit of money and go to a clinic. I live in Canada so im not sure of the costs involved, so im sorry if this sounds silly to you or anyone else. I hope everything goes well for you and that your happy with your new guy.



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