Am I spinnin my wheels?
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ammeyer072002 - September 5

My dh and I haven't used any form of contraceptives for most of the last 6 years. I was put on bc last fall for two months to regulate. Went off it in december and went 6 months w/out a period. Finally went to the doctor took medroxyproges. got period then took Clomid 50 mg. OV tests were positive but no pg. Got period like I should went on...took 2nd month of clomid 50 mg, no positive ov tests and period decided not to come back again. Took medr. progst. again got period, dr. upped clomid to 100mg, didn't take ov tests out of frustration and tried to take advise of family members to just "not think about it" now 2 wks late, and the period hasn't come around again and pg tests were negative. My Dr. rx'ed 2 refils of the 100 mg of clomid but I'm thinking I shouldn't take it before having more tests? I just don't feel like taking the same mg again will do anything. I've had thyroid and pituitary blood tests and both came back normal. My husband also had an sp. cnt. and it was normal as well. Any advise? I'm thinking I should check out a fertility specialist but I'm not sure. This is all new to me and I feel like I've been told and/or read so many contradicting opinions.


tibby - September 5

Did your doctor do cd21 progesterone check to see if you ovulated. Have you had a HSG done to make sure youre tubes are open? After you find out if your ovulating, see if your doctor will do a u/s to check your foll. to make sure they are mature. And don't waste time do check with a fertility specialist. You can say you have been trying for 6yrs thats long enough, Finding a RE will put you on track.


ammeyer072002 - September 5

tibby, thank you for the advise...I'm really glad I stumbled on this website. I'm still trying to learn all of the acronyms..when you say finding a RE will put me on track what do you mean by RE? reason? When I see a specialist, do I request the cd21 as a test? I haven't had an hsg..I suggested it to my ob and he seemed to think it wasn't necessary. I'm going to check into a specialist this week.. Tks again for the info. :o) I'm hoping to get some answers.


tibby - September 5

RE is the same as a fertility specialist. Obgyn can only do so much, and he should've been checking your cd21 progesterone (go in they withdraw blood, call you 2-3 day and let you know if you ovulated). When you go in to a RE they just check by u/s well thats how my doctor did. Before I saw a RE my obgyn suggested a HSG be done before seeing a RE. Its not some thing you have to do, but if your tube are blocked your egg and sprem want meet. And some say you have a better chance after HSG(I think 3months).


hoping - September 5

First, RE stands for Reproductive Endocrinologist. And if that's an option for you definitely go with it! I've had a couple of close friends who went to an RE and found out that their regular OB had not been doing the right thing for the years before! My dh and I have been trying the past year for our 3rd (first 2 were no problem) and I'm about to make the choice to head to an RE...dh will not be too happy because for insur. to cover he has to have his little swimmers counted first!


ammeyer072002 - September 6

Thank you both again for your means the world. We're trying for our first and although I know patience is a virtue, it's sometimes hard to have it when it comes to this stuff. "Hoping", I hope things go well for you with the RE, tell your dh that the sperm count is nothing...I thought my dh would be embarrased but he didn't care at another day at the office..haha...anyway...It's nice to have this forum available to get the opinions of others going through the same thing. Take care and good luck :o)



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