AM I pregnent?
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Sikara - April 25

I havn't exacly had unprotected sex, but I came close, he didn't fully enter. A week later I had my period, but it was lighter than usual, recently I've been having dischage and 'cramps'. This has been happening for about 2 weeks now...
am I pregent?


MuzikGurl - April 25

I guess my question to you is did he ejaculate inside you or round the opening of your lips??? I don't think you are pregnant only simply because one, he didn't fully enter which means if he did orgasm then it would one take longer for the sperm to swim cause they have a longer way to go and he would have to have really great super swimmers...I'm not saying it couldn't happen but I seriously don't think you are. Also sometimes when you have sex so close to the time your period is due it could just mess up your discharge a little like it might be a little lighter than usual or the consistency of it could be thicker or thinner...or it might not be as long as usual. Cramps come at anytime when you are pregnant. I am currently I believe 6-7 weeks pregnant already and I didn't even know I was until i went to the dr. Many women have no idea because cramping happens before, during, and/or after your period and it also happens on some women during ovulation...and many cases ovulation happens two weeks before your period you said you had your period one week later meaning u probably had sex after the fact...and it was probably too late to end up pregnant. If you really wanna know take a hpt or call your dr. or go up to a clinic and ask for a pg. test if it is neg. then you are in the clear, if AF doesn't show up next month try another hpt by then it should be pos. if you are. If AF does show up then you are not pregnant and should be alot more careful next time considering you sound like you don't wanna get pregnant. Best way not to get pregnant is abstance...not doing it at all. BUt if you must always before it goes too far put on a condom better yet while ur at the clinic getting a pg. test done ask for birth control pills....they are 99.99% effective and can keep you from getting pregnant but still use a condom anyways so you can avoid getting STDs and AIDS/HIV good luck to you and wish you all the best in whatever the outcome is. Take Care!



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