Am I pregnant or crazy?
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Cindy - February 16

I have felt pregnant for the past 6 weeks, nausea, heartburn, fatigue, frequent urination, sore and enlarged breasts but I started to bleed last night and the hpt I too this morning was negative...Help! Has this happened to anyone else? We have had a hard time getting pregnant and I am getting very depressed and frustrated because I thought for sure this time was it.


wannabeamom - February 17

Are you taking progesterone? I do and when I am taking it that is how I feel. Have you talked to your doctor?


Elyse - February 17

I would say that you weren't pregnant if you got a neg. hpt. Are you late for your af?


Cindy - February 17

No I am not taking progesterone. I talked to the Nurse at my doctor's office this morning and she said to wait 2 weeks and test again. But I think you are right. I am not pregnant. I just can't figure out why I had so many symptoms for so long.



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