am i pregnant or crazy
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confused_es - January 20

i'm 23 and trying to get pregnant. my period is sometimes irregular so i'm used to that. but now not only was i due to stat on the 5th and didn't but my breasts hurt tothe touch, i have sharp shooting pains starting at my ribs and ending in my left breast generally. i'm gassy and irritable and today i'm just a little nausious. i don't want to test to early because i'll get depressed if i'm not but i just wanted to see what you guys think


Dee - January 20

well it's definetly not to early if you were supposed to start on the 5th of this month. i would take a hpt if i were you...even if you do get a negative it's better to know than not know. plus all of the signs you have sound like you might just be pregnant. well good luck to you! also if you dont mind me long have you been trying? i'm 22 and have been trying for 2 yrs with no pregnancies yet.


MARIE - January 21

Its hard to say ? I always think I am p !! it is sooo sad :(


confused_es - January 22

we've been trying for just a little over a year. i should take the test but i get sooo disappointed when they say no!!!


Dee - January 23

well if it's been this long and you're not usually late, then i would say you are probably pg. take a test, because if you are pg then you need to schedule a dr's appointment. good luck!



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