Am I pregnant????
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Marlo - April 26

I was supposed to get my period on 04/23 but didn't. I took a clearblue easy test yesterday and it was negative. Should I just go see my doctor? I sooooo want a baby!


Laura - April 26

I'm going through the same thing! I was due on 4/25 (yesterday)- took a test this morning, negative? I'm not sure what to do...go see my doctor?


Carrie - April 26

I went through this a couple years ago when we began TTC. Even though many of the pregnancy tests claim to be the best at early detection, if the pregnancy hormone level isn't high enough in your body yet, then the test still won't be able to pick it up. My doctor told me to wait a week, and then another week. In my particular case, I was not pregnant (found out I wasn't ovulating and that's why there was no period). But from many things I've read and what I was told by my doctor, sometimes it is just too early for the pregnancy test to pick up on the HCG hormone. I sure hope you both end up with a positive test! I'll say a prayer! We've been TTC for almost two years now. A positive pregnancy test would be a gift from God!! Best of luck to you!


Laura - April 26

I have PCOS and have been taking metformin since January. I got my period February and March, this month, nothing yet, that's why I was questioning the possibility of being pregnant. But as I said, is it too early? Or does having the PCOS affect the test?


Carrie - April 26

I'm not sure if PCOS would affect the test or not. You might want to check with your doctor on that one. When I called my doctor and told them I didn't have a period but had a negative pregnancy test, they wouldn't even schedule me to come in for their test until I was 7-10 days late. But due to the fact you have PCOS, maybe your doctor would be curious to see what is going on. Have you ever missed your period before due to the PCOS?


Laura - April 26

I guess I'll wait until the end of the week to see if I get my period. If I don't, then I'll get in touch with the doctors office. Oh yes, I have missed my period due to the PCOS. But since I have started this metformin, it has been pretty regular again. I went off the pill in June of 04 TTC. I got my period regularly until September. After that, I didn't have a period until Dec. with medicine (prometrium) to bring on a forced bleed. That worked, but then January, I didn't get a period again. That's when I changed doctors and the new doctor diagnosed me with PCOS. It's so hard when two of my closest girlfriends are now 5 months pregnant, and here I am, trying since June, and nothing yet. I wish the best of luck to you as well- TTC for 2 years! Only time will tell!!


Carrie - April 26

Your situation sounds almost identical to mine except that I haven't been diagnosed with PCOS. But I did go through about six months with no period because I wasn't ovulating. I was also put on prometrium for the forced period. I ended up on some herbal remedies that got me ovulating again however that's been almost a year and still no conception. My doc is looking into a progesterone deficiency now. Keep your fingers crossed! I totally understand how you are feeling about having people close to you pregnant. I have two sister-in-laws on both sides of our families that are pregnant and due within weeks of each other and my good friend here at work is due in October. Though I'm happy for all of them, it is still hard when we've been trying for so long and had no luck. I do believe it is in the Lord's hands though and I know He'll come through for me. Hang in there - some days are better/worse than others. I hope this missed period means a pregnancy for you!


Amy - April 28

I used to be on depo. I have been off it for nearly 8 months now I believe. I started having a period last month or the month before. My periods so far have been irregular. My husband and I have had sex several times without any form of birthcontrol since I got off the shot. I am still bleeding but I have some pregnancy symptoms. I have had frequent headaches, slightly sore breasts, some nausea, bloating and some cramping. I have not taken a pregnancy test. Could I be pregnant or could it just be from me having irregular periods from being on the shot?


kelly - April 28

helllo i have had pcos for 2 and half years.PCOS does not effect the result of a pregancy test.



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