Am I pregnant?
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Meighen N. - March 13

My husband and I have been ttc for almost 2 years now in which my cycles are VERY regular. My cycle is every 28-29 days. I have been to the DR and everything is fine- I had a HSG - where they put ink in my tubes to make sure everything was flowing right..and that went perfect. Well my last AF was on Feb 9, therefore my AF for march would have been March is now March 13 and nothing. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. The symptoms I have right now are, I am VERY Tired, hungry, a lot of gas, but I also have a lot of cramping and I have had this since March 7. It is not as strong as AF cramps but similiar. I took an early pregnancy test the one you can test 4 days before... so you would like that would be able to tell me. Has anyone gone through this and had a BFP?? Need some support right now... I dont know what to do.


marymo - March 13

Hi Meighen, you sound alot like me!!!! My cycles are also every 28-29 days. Regular, always have been. Every little twinge I have each month I think Im pregnant, but nothing. Ive been ttc for 21/2 years with # 3. Never had a problem with my first two. Are you on any meds that could throw your cycle off??? On an HPT you buy in the store, they are pretty accurate. They can usually detect HcG in your urine 8 to 10 days past ovulation. Did you take a OPK test to see when you exactly ovulated?? I would give it a couple more days, maybe till the weekend and take another test and see what happens. It still could be possible. I remember when I tested with both of my other two, and I always tested about 5 to 6 days before my period, and they were always positive. Good luck to you and much babydust!!!!


Meighen N. - March 13

Thanks for your kind words.... no meds the Dr gave me Clomid 50mg and I was to start it for my next cycle...but I havent got my AF yet. This is really wierd b/c I am NEVER late. Do you think these tests could be inaccruate? Being that I am 17 Days after Ovualation? I feel like there is something off... not to sure what it is though...and the cramps are really throwing me for a loop. Has anyone experienced cramping and then had a BFP?


marymo - March 13

Meighen, I have another question for you. Can I ask why your doc put you on Clomid if you are ovulating? Did all your other bloodtests come back normal, like your thyroid, progesterone, estrogen,FSH,etc.... I also had my tubes checked, and they were open. Just curious. Thanks in advance.


Meighen N. - March 13

To tell you the truth I have no idea... I haven't taken it yet..and actually I am still contiplating- should I not be pregnant now- I may wait to take it. She (my Dr) stated that since it was taking us 2 years now and still nothing...she thought this may help. All tests came back good she said. Not sure what she tested...Are you taking clomid?


marymo - March 13

Meighen, I hope you dont mind me asking another question? Did your DH (or significant other) get tested, and was he okay? Do you just see a regular OB? Are you ttc #1? and can I ask how old you are? Sorry for all the questions. Its just rare that I can find someone on this forum who has regular cycles as myself and is going to try Clomid. My doc gave me two options. To try progesterone supplimentation (she thought my progesteone was low, it was 10) or try a low dose Clomid, maybe 25 mg? She thought if I did the Clomid it may be enough to stimulate my ovaries and increase my progesterone at the same time. Im kinda scared of the whole "twin" thing. My DH isnt too hip on the idea also. So, Im not sure what Im going to do. Im 36, and wanted to be done 2 years ago, but I keep truckin along hoping for a miracle!!!!!


Meighen N. - March 13

I dont mind these questions at all! My DH did get tested...all is good. I have a regular OB- took me 6 mths to get in to her firm. This is our #1 ttc and I am 30 in April. This whole clomid thing doesnt seem right to me unnatural. If my DH and I dont have a problem then why drugs? But then on the other hand if we dont have a problem why is it taking 2 years now and we still have not concieved? Well I still have not gotten my I may be PREGNANT. I have my fingers and toes crossed. As being late even 1 hr is odd for me...I am like clockwork. And the whole twin thing is only a 5% chance... so I wouldnt worry too much....


marymo - March 13

Meighen, Good luck!! Please let me know if you get the BFP!!!!!! Thanks for answering all my questions too!!!!


Blakey - March 13

Hi Meighen,
Good luck to you! 1 I hope you get a BFP!!!! :)
It is intersting, that you haven't got you period yet, especially where your cycles are so accurate. I would possibly test again in a couple of days...keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you too, wouldn't that be wonderful!!
kim ;)


Meighen N. - March 13

Thank you for your best wishes...and back atcha!


Lovely-1 - March 14

usually by cd17 or 18 if you dont get a bfp it usually bfn..... But are you sure you O'd when you thought? did you chart? Reason why I ask is if you O'd later that maybe why your af is later....... GOOD LUCK I'd call doctor for a blood test if still bfn in a few days and af is a no show..



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