Am I pregnant?
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hollasasha - July 19

I have been trying to conceive from past 1.5 years. I was diagonised with PCOS so I am on metformin from past 4 months. I was asked to take Krimson 35 for two months to regularize my period. From past one month I am only on metformin
I ovulated(this was confirmed by FI scan) on 14 day(June 20th) after first day of my period (June 7th). I haven't still got my periods. Two urine test showed negative, one blood hcg showed < 1.2mUI/ml on 40 LMP(27 DPO). I have tender and sore nipples, veins on my breast are more prominent, burping a lot. What are my chances of pregnancy?


Mega - July 19

The blood test at 27 DPO was probably not considered positve right? Hmmm. What DPO are you on now? Sounds like your last test MAY have been done too early still. I'd suggest asking for another beta blood test, you're pretty late right now. If you are PG it should definitely show up now as a + result. You can't always tell 100% by signs, they get tricky b/c PMS & pg signs are so similar. But that said, your signs do sound promising. Test again & let us know what happens. HTH! Good luck to you, I hope you get the result you want.


hollasasha - July 19

Thanks Mega. Yes, beta HCG was negative. I also noticed brown discharge on 24th June i.e 4-5 days after my ovulation. Not sure if that is implantation bleeding. I am on 30 DPO. But have no hopes this time as it is too late. One thing which I cannot understand is that if I ovulated on 14th day then why are my periods due and pregnancy is negative?


Mega - July 19

So you just had your beta a few days ago then? Hmmm. Yes, that's an awfully long leutal phase, 30 + days & no + pg test. And they're a 100% sure you did O? Did you have a prog. test 7 days after you thought you O'ed? Or just the scan? Maybe you could make an appt. with your dr to get another scan, to check for cysts, etc. I O'ed on a natural cycle, I had some residual Clomid in my body that helped me to O, but AF kept not coming even after I had a progesterone shot to induce it. Turned out I had a cyst. My dr said it didn't usually hold off AF, but it did in my case. That's the only possiblity I could think of. You can O & still end up with a cyst. Mine went away quickly on it's own & AF came shortly after. I hope that you are indeed pg but since you just had the test a couple days ago I just don't know. You'd think it would register + by now if you are pg. As for the HPTs are you using very sensetitive ones? I know this must beyond frustrating for you now. Hang in there. I hope you get an answer soon & it's what you want.


hollasasha - July 20

My dr told that there was one follicle which got ruptured on 14th day and she also told that there was some fluid too.
Viginal discharge is totally not there from past one week. It is not totally dry though!


slowpoke01 - July 20

hi i think if i were you i would go back to see the doctor and maybe have another beta test done and see what happens



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