am i pregnant??
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somedaymomma - April 2

Hello ladies! I am still a little new here, and trying to figure things out. I am really confused. My cycles usually run to the day, and they are never late. But last month, I was sixteen days late. Now, this month, I am officially four days late, and I dont know if I should test or just wait. I am so afraid that I will just get my heart broken again. Please help!!!!


kelley32 - April 2

Hi Sweetie... well, you are pretty much guaranteed that most of us feel the same way about getting our hearts broken, it seems to have become a regularity in our lives. Did you test last cycle when you were 16 days late? One thing I have learned since TTC about the female body is that you should never say never, LOL ... it is a very mysterious thing. How long have you been TTC? Do you chart yout BBT?. Charting BBT is the best thing that I could have done for myself ... it's a real eye opener, and puts you in a power position over your body, instead of being a follower. Try not to take things so seriously, and have faith that you will conceive soon, but obviously you have to take into account how long you have been TTC, if over a year, then I would get outside help. I'm glad that you have come to this forum, you will find great comfort here. XXOO


somedaymomma - April 5

I started a few days ago, and once again, I did get my heart broken. I really dont understand how you can be so strong. My DH and I have only been trying for six months, but it seems like forever. I dont really know how I'm going to track anything now. I am so angry, and upset. I would love to have someone to talk to. But, whenever I found this place, I felt so bad, because there are so many other people who have been trying for so much longer.


na25 - April 5

somedaymomma, pls don't worry..i know how it feels about negative tests and broken heart ...i am into it for almost over a year...but as long as we have hope,,,it;s ok...we are born to be moms and we will be...BABY DUST TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!



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