Am I pregnant?
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Guarin - November 28

My scheduled menstration this month is November 24. Well, I have a regular menstartion. However, I tested early this morning with a pregnancy test kit and it shows "Negative". I don't usually miss my menstrual period. Am I pregnant?


Elena - November 28

I'm not pregnant yet. But my girlfriend who has been trying for 8 months just found out on the 22nd she is pregnant. she told me she took a test early and it told her that it was a negative not sure what date but then she took one again on 11-22 and a postive. i would wait a little more to take a pregnancy test sometimes if you take them early it wont show the hcg if its not strong enought.also she told me DON'T take the digital one yet, they are not as sensitive with detecting the hormone. its better to get the one with two lines. good luck hope this helps. baby dust***



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