Am I pregnant
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Intermelaniewhite - November 13

I had my periods on the September 19 to September 24..I had unprotected sex froM September 29 to October 05...I had my periods for 3 days in October and then2 days in Novemer(Starting Nov 05 )I was spotting for ther next 2 days....I thought I was pregnant so i took 2 home pregnancy test's...both came outnegative......I accepted that I am not pregnant...but now lately my breast's are in is paining constantly.....I have no other symptoms f being pregnant except the excrutiating pain in both my breast' nipples has also changed shape and my areolas have gone a bit darker.....I am to emnbarresed to go to the doctor as I did this once because I had similar symptoms and I was not i pregnant


gmh - November 13

Forget about the embarrassment and go to the Dr. I have heard of stranger things happening better safe then sorry. Hope you are !!!!!



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