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hopeful1982 - September 2

I have been trying to get pg for over two years and nothing helping. Need to know if it is wishful thinking that i may be. I had my af at the begining of july and is was normal then i had what i think was another one at the end that was really light. I waited until the next month and I got didn't get it at the first of the month but around the end of the month I got something that was really dark brown. It was light and only lasted a day and a half. Before the end of the month I lost about 15lbs and now i am gaining it. But i am gaining it around my stomach. I have all the symptoms but also have this wierd vibrating feeling at the very bottom of my stomach. I took a home test and there was a very faint line. I am wondering if anyone could shed some light and give me some info. And let me know if anyone else has felt this vibrating feeling or if it is just me


tynadu - September 2

That vibrating feeling is most likely your bowel doing somthing. What ever it is if it don't stop soon you should go see your DR. And as far as being preggo just test in a few days or go get a blood test.


Tracy88 - September 2

Hopeful, I think all you can do is just keep testing on your own, or go to your regular physician. OB/Gyn, or planned parenthood and get a blood test done. Keeping my fingers crossed for never know.


bevly081384 - September 2

Please read my thred I posted on here titled " my story....maybe it can help you too" Maybe it will find u some answers:) Good luck!!!


Tammy276 - September 3

I don't know about the vibrating feeling your describing, but when was your last AF, or what you thought was AF, and when did you test and get a faint positive? I guess try testing again in a day or two, and if you are preggers, the line should be darker, but my doc. always told me a line is a line and it means you are pregnant....some girls think they get a "false positive" because they end up getting their AF's, but what they are actually experiencing is an early m/c also known as a chemical pregnancy...but if the test showed up faint, then I would say you are preggers! Test again or just go to your doc. for a blood test.....when I tested this time around, it was faint, so I got a digital and it confirmed pregnant, but i still went to the doc. the next day for a blood is just nice to confirm with that. Good luck!!



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