Am I ovulating later than I thought w/ clomid?
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Maren - August 20

This is my third try at clomid and I am getting a little nervous ovulation isn't happening this month, or perhaps I was wrong about when I ovulated on the prior months. For you charters out there would you take a look and let me know if you think I'll get O soon. I haven't gotten a positive opk yet, it is a few days past when I got the last two months, although this chart seems easier to read than pasts. Thanks for taking a look.


tynadu - August 20

Maren, Hi From looking at your chart I don't think you have "O" yet. And yes it could be the clomid I am on cd19 and after taking clomid and my eggs are still too small for me to O. I know this because I had an U/S, I also chart, fern, and opk. I got some ferns today and a light line on the opk so I know it will be another 4-7 days before I O. Good Luck!


slowpoke01 - August 20

maren it is not uncommon for clomid to make you ovulate a couple of days later. dont worry you will probably get a +opk in a few days. clomid makes me ovulate later too i dont chart though i have u/s (follicle monitoring) on day 3 day 10 or 11 and day 12 or 13. i like knowing when i am about to ovulate and the follicle monitoring lets the doc know when to give me the hcg trigger shot and iui. hope this helps



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