Am I ovulating?
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kakshata - January 30

I have been TTC for last 7 months. This month I started with charting as I had a doubt that I wasnt ovulating. The temps are weird. It was rising during my periods and after that it has been so erratic. sudden rises and falls. And I am also noticing my mucus, it was of a creamy texture till day before, egg white stretchy yday and dry today. How do I make out my ovulation? Till last month CM was not there at all, i was dry . I am tired of all this . Just want to give it up.


slowpoke01 - January 31

do you chart on fertility friend, or another site where we could look at it? also do you use ovulation tests to see if you are getting a + when you are having ewcm? this will help when you are charting you can put when you get a + opk and it will tell you when you ovulate. good luck


kakshata - February 1

thanks for ur rply, i chart on fertility circle, name aks. no i have not been using OPK.


trixiebee - February 1

See if you have a Dollar Tree (that particular brand of $ stores) near you.
They have $1 OPK and HCG! Of couse, stock comes and goes, so buy up ahead of time and save for the right days. I have a perfect 28 day cycle. I don't get a LH surge on the OPK until d17, d18. That means I'm ovulating late, around d19 d20. (and since I usually spot and bleed by d28, I have a luteal defect, something we're now able to recognize and correct)
Also, make sure you're humpin' BEFORE that LH surge, and then 3 days after. It's BEFORE that really matters. Once you dry up, it's all done.
Good Luck!
ps - I also take Evening Primrose oil caps until I o. And guafenesin. ;-)


kakshata - February 8

thnx for the answer, how many days prior to O do I start OPK, My cycle varies betwen 23-27 days. Let me know pl.



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