Am I ovulating?
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Tiney - August 19

I have had a regular cycle at 38 days for the past 6 months. Then last month (our first month ttc) I was late, 49 days. I'm a bit worried now that I am not ovulating. I've been checking my cm but am not sure if you would still get this even in you weren't ovulating? Anyone be able to help?


Ericka - August 19

I believe you can still get egg white cm andd not ovulate. The only way to know for sure that you did o is to chart your temp. When there is a rise in your temp then you have o. Check out It is a great resource to help you with charting. Good Luck


Liza - August 23

When I first began ttc my cycles went crazy. I had always been regular but my doctor told me that the stress I was experiencing at work plus the stress of ttc made me skip ovulation and made my cycles longer.



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