Am I ovulating?
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coc - February 10

Hi. I have very regular periods - every 28/29 days. However, I am off the pill for over a year and nothing has happened. I dont seem to notice any mucus mid cycle. Is this a sign that I am not ovulating?


gracie1 - June 5

when is the best time to get pregnant?


val - June 6

You may want to start charting your temps. with a basal thermometer. I use both the Clearblue easy ovulation tests and I chart my temps. I really don't get much mucus or if I do, I just don't understand the whole mucus thing and checking the position of your cervix which is why I chose to to start charting. When you chart your temps. (if done properly) you will see a spike in your temps. which means that you have ovulated. Your temp will rise AFTER you have already ovulated. But this would be a cheaper and easier way to tell for sure whether or not you ovulate.It might be that you are not ovulating right in the middle of your cycle. Remember, everyone is different. You may be having sex at the wrong times.Have you or your partner gone in for testing? My husband and I did, and my hormone levels were okay. But my husbands analysis came back in the low end of being "normal" as far as count and motility. So now we just have to do things a little differently.


j - June 7

Hi. I came off the pill six months ago and my periods are pretty much regular. I havent't been getting any fertile muus mid cycle and my periods seem to be fake. I don't have any PMT or cramping or back ache like I used to before going on the pill. Went to the doctor to test if I am ovulating and it turns out that I'm not. Apparently you can get regular periods and still not be ovulating. Are your periods normal? Do you have the same symptoms you had before going on the pill?



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