Am i ovulating?
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Faye - February 1

I have been pregnant before, i had a m/c last sept. We are ttc again, i have been using Ovulation Predictor kits, with neg results, for the last week! I have had clear fertile cervical mucas. i am on cycle day 20 of a 32 day cycle. Could i still of ovulated? I'm very confused as to what is going on!


Nicki - February 8

I am pretty sure that mucus is a sign of ovulation, It is produced to enable sperm to survive. look up the Billings method it is really informative


Linda - February 8

I have a 3 1/2 year old. I had a m/C in July 04. I have been trying like crazy. My period came on day 22 last time. I thought for sure I was pregnant, I was havign sex every other day. Day 22 period came. I am frustrated. HELP


Suzie - February 9

My friend got pregnant one month when all of her ovulation predictor tests said she wasn't ovulating. I would talk to your doctor just to be sure.


Traci - March 1

I have the exact same issue. After researching on the issue, I read that cervical mucus is closely tied to ovulation, but doesn't guarantee it 100%. Cervical mucus is an indication of a rise in estrogen, but you may not have released the egg.


stacey - March 3

If your cervical mucus is stretchy- 1-10 inches, that is the best sign of ovulating! Might also be white and creamy.


brittney - July 14

hey girl im the same way i have been trying ttc for 2months now and nothing has happened what should i do those kits are telling me the same shit



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