am i ovulating
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geraldine - October 28

Me and my husband have been ttc for a few months without succes, i have noticed that i do have a bit of pain midcycle and a lot of clear egg white discharge but does this actually mean that i am ovulating.


kadens - October 28

Actually yes, you just might be ovulating at that particular time. If you can take the pain and endure having sex you might just get pregnant at that time. "Best of Luck"


geraldine - November 2

thankyou very much kadens for your helpfull advice.


geraldine - November 2

my husband says that it might take a long time to conceive this time as our age is against us, he is 41 and i am 35. I have a 13 year old and an 8 year old. I fell pregnant with both within one month so maybe he is right. I would love to just have one more.


pinky - February 6

am i ovulating? my period tends to start on d week of 16th or 23rd. when di i ovulate?


Jay - February 6

Pinky do you have any other symptoms 10-16 days prior to your period? Like egg white like discharge or ab pain. Or you can use ovulation test on cycle days 10 -16 to let you know when or if you ovulate.


LaLa - February 6

I never know when i'm ovulating. I've never had that "clear, egg white" discharge. I think it's a myth. I know its one of the factors to get pregnant but I don't understand why I do get a period every month and yet not know when I had ovulated...but obviously ovulated already since a period is the result.



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