am i or am i not?
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nicki - April 28

its day 76 from my last period and still no sign of it. Ive done 2 tests both BFN. I seem to have most of the signs but why are the tests coming up negative? Wev been trying for nearly 5 years (since i miscarried) Wats going on? xox


Carrie - April 28

Hi Nicki - If the HPTs are coming back negative, there might not be enough of the HCG hormone in your body for the tests to detect. Although if I understand you right then I think you would be about 8 weeks along so it seems as though the hormone should be high enough to be picked up. However, I have read a couple testimonials of ladies saying they were in their second trimester and still didn't get an HPT to indicate they were pregnant. I would call your doctor. They can do a blood test and that should definitely solve the mystery. Best of luck - I hope its a positive for you!


Amy - April 29

Hey. My husband and i have had unprotected sex the past few weeks. I have been feeling some signs of pregnancy but am not sure if they mean that I am. I can not go by my period. I used to be on the shot and now my period is irregular. Although, I have noticed that before when I bleed, it was heavy and reddish. Now, it is light and slightly brownish. I took a pregnancy test this morning but it came back negative. Could it be too soon for the test to show positive? Or, is the test right saying negative? I do not know what to do. Please help me. Thank you. Also, I am sorry nicki that I do not have an answer for you. I wish you the best of luck.



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