am i not able to get preg?
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Jenn - August 26

my fience and i have been trying to get pregnant for the past 2 months , i just took a test today with clearblue and its negatvie , i thing i took it at a bad time so that could be way , but come inside me several times , but could it be his sperm count isn't high enough? is it becuase i pee a few mins after ? or is it somthing else? i'm going to take another test in the morning when i guess its the best time to take a home preg test so? but any advise would be helpfull


me - August 26

it could take a while up to two years.


***** - August 26

I was told that it could take up to a year to get pregnant even if you are TTC around ovulation time, but give it time and start charting down your ovulation dates so that you will have a idea of when you should really TTC. Also I've also heard that CLEARBLUE EASY isn't all that CLEAR. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fellow LIW - August 26

It seems you are really stressing out and that could actually hinder your efforts to get pregnant. Getting pregnant isn't as easy as just deciding one day you want to be pregnant. You have to be patient, like me stated, it could take months to years to get pregnant.



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