Am I just over anxious?-please answer
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Emmy - July 20

I had a miscarriage in march and have been trying to get pregnant since then but every month is a disappointment-this month I thought for sure I was pregnant-I had one breast bigger than the other and all these bumps all over my nipples(sorry tmi) I had a tiny bit of bleeding 2 different days during the month also I had bad heartburn. Then I was a week late and took a test it said not preg. then I started my period but it was really light and only about 2 days and then basically notheing for another 2 days but the last day of bleeding was 5 days ago and tests still day not pregnant. Please give me your imput-PLEASE!!!


susy - July 21

well; your symptoms show that you are but i am in similar situation and i want to know what you think. my last period was june 20th. I was supposed to ovulate july 3th and we had sex that day the following day i was cramping and had back pain that lasted 2 day. later on the 9th of july my boobs started to be really tender for about 6 days and then the tenderness diminished but the have been tender since then. right now i am spotting but i don't know if i am going to have my P. I have taken so many preg. tests and they are all negative what do you tnink?



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