Am I Infertile?
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admitula - January 10

My fiance and I are trying to have a baby, and we have been trying for 6 months, I dont have health insurance either so I can't go to a doctor to find out anything. I don't know what to do... its actually starting to make my fiance and I upset with one another part of the time. Any ideas??? Help me


nans_n - January 10

admitula, i guess we are on the same boat, i also don't have insurance and we've been trying for more than 2 1/2 years. I've done several tests last 2 weeks and have to pay for all those tests. It's really difficult when we have no insurance coz we have to pay all the expenses. I guess the best thing you can do right now is try using OPK stick, have the right time to bd, you can also do BBT, you can still do that for another 6 months. If you haven't conceive by then, i guess you have to do some tests too to find out what's wrong. Lastly keep on praying that God may give you strength and BFP. Have a nice day.


gmh - January 10

admitula, you can alway look into the cost I have health insurance but it pays for very-very little when it come to infertility test for me or my huband. the OPK sticks are a good start and so would be a BBT chart, at least for you. For your HB call and just see how much a sperm analysis would be I had to pay $175 my insurance covered nothing. Just a thought good luck....


tk07 - January 11

hi! don't worry about 6 months of ttc. how old are you? definately try bbt charting it gives you so much information, you might ovulate earlier or later than you think. do you have regular cycles?
good luck!!


jenn00 - January 15

ok i wouldnt get worried yet if you look on websites or even ask you gyno the average couples takes a year to get pregnant



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