am i going to have a baby
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yours truely - February 1

i was wordoring what are other ways to know your pregnant because i have latley been sick and have sore breast and my stomach gets hard then goes soft and its getting kind like a pregnant belly but im not sure and my last period was jan 12 2006 to jan 16 2006 abd when i took a pregnancy test about 4 days goand it came up negative should i test again or am i not even prengant at all


Emily Frank - February 1

you are not pregnant


Ann - February 1

You are too early in your cycle to tell. You are only on cycle day 21 which, if you are on a 28 day cycle, means you are only 7 days past ovulation. The home pregnancy tests seem to show up positive around 12 days past ovulation (some not until 14 or 15 days after). So the first day you would likely get a positive is Monday, February 6th. If I were you, I would take care of myself as if I were pregnant (eat well, don't drink, and take prenatal vitamins) until you find out for sure. Are you trying to get preg? How long are your cycles?


yours truley - February 2

yes i do want to have a baby and my cycly usually start on the 12 and last about 5 or 6days so what your saying is to wait till the 6th and test again


Ann - February 7

yours truely, I am sorry--never saw your last question. Yes, you will likely get a positive by Feb 6th, but it may not be until the 8th. Have you tested yet? Good luck!



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