Am I getting a false + with my OPK?
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Helayna - August 16

I have PCOS and just finished my second round of clomid (100mg.). Im not sure if I will ovulate, but I have ovulation strips which show a faint line 3 days after my last pill. I have some EWCM, and we have been BDing, but Im not sure if the faint line is "the surge" or not. My cycle is very irregular, so I don't really have a rough estimate as to when I should ovulate. Should We keep bd'ing, or wait for a darker line on my OPK? Thank you, and help would be appreciated, as we have been trying for 3 years! -Helayna


ruby - August 16

hi helayna. i totally understand your situation. i think i have been getting false +'s for a long time now. i was using Answer brand, and was puzzled when i kept getting +'s for about 4 days in a row, then sometimes even a week later. i decided to conduct a little "experiment" so i simultaneously used ClearBlue OPK. sure enough, the ClearBlue gave me totally different results. my gyno told me i had tiny cysts around my ovaries (although he never said pcos) so for some reason, i think the Answer brand tests were giving me false +'s due to the pcos (i read on the box that this might occur). so you might wanna try switching brands. much luck to you!! (and me) : )


Helayna - August 16

Thank you, I think I will try another brand. This is the first time I've tried OPK's, so doing some research would be helpful. Thanks, and ~*Good Luck*~


D. - August 16

We always have LH in our system so some of us will always see a faint line, no matter when we test. The key is whether the test line is AS DARK OR DARKER than the control line. A faint line is not a positive (OPKs aren't like HPTs in that a line is a line, though I think it would be so much easier that way. sigh).


Laura - August 16

Hi, I also have PCOS. The problem is that often the OPK will not work properly for women with PCOS because of the hormone imbalance (LH specifically like D said earlier). If you read the insert in the OPK package it usually states this about PCOS. But if you are on clomid you should ovulate hopefully in a regular time frame. Many of us PCOS women are on metformin or glucophage and that restores the natural hormone balance and usually starts normal ovulation for most. After a few months on either of these drugs the OPK will work normally. Did the Dr. put you on any other medication besides the Clomid? The Basal temp might be a good method when the OPK won't work but I am not sure. Good luck.



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