Am I fertile?
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E - October 10

My wife and I are trying to conceive. We have not really tried all the methods of conception. We have just been having sex, but not really counting her cycle and ovulation dates. My question is i had Mono about 2 years ago. Could this of made my sperm count low?


Gia - October 16

Hello! Well I personally dont know about mono and sperm but my advice is to first ask your doctor that question. The only true way to know would be to get a semen analysis. Thats not a bad I idea to get anyway so that way you'll now that your fertility is ok. As far as your wife goes I would first go to the store and get the clearblue easy fertility monitor. It is very effective in determining your ovulation days. See you have to have sex on the exact right two days of the month in order to increase your pregnancy success rates. People think that its easy to get pregnant and it is for some but they just get lucky. It takes some time. If you want to skip all of this and and go to a fertility specialist you can, but it may not be necessary and you could waste a lot of money that didnt need to be wasted. Fertility specialist are extremely expensive but really effective. I tried using the monitor first because I know of several people that got pregnant on that. Unfortunatly it didnt work for me and I had to see a specialist but i'm glad I tried it first after seeing how much money I spent at the fertility doc. Good Luck to you both! If you have anymore questions write.


E - October 16

I heard from other people that if you have been trying for a year that you would need to consult a doctor. We have been having unprotected sex for a year or results..We have not however been doing all the things to try to conceive like fertility monitors and things like that. Should we try that stuff for a year before we go to a fertility doctor?


Mary - October 25

There is an over-the-counter fertility test for men available at Wal-Green's. It may be worth your piece of mind. Best of luck.


danny - October 22

i have been on testosterone for about two years and my wife says she is pregnant when my doctore says get a dna can she get pregnant when im on testosterone



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