am i fertile
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shantel - October 13

i'm 24 have 3yr old and i've been trying unsuccessfully for 2 yrs to get pregnant.what could be the problem?


Gia - October 16

Hello. Well there is know way to tell whats wrong without a doc checking you. If I were you I would see a fertility specialist. I wouldnt mess around with a gyno because they aren't trained in the methods to treat infertility. They know basics but not enough. So ask around to find a reputable specialist in your area and you will be on your way! Good Luck!


keshin - July 28

infertility perhaps??? no other way than to see a specialists and have yourself check out, i guess that's all it takes. good luck!!!!


yzza - August 1

it's what they call secondary infertility and it's a common issue among's not a big thing though.see your gyne for treatments.


missie - August 21

yes it's secondary infertility but it's more likely to affect older women.since you are only 24, i suggest you see your GP sooner, rather than later.


aimee - August 24

you'll never find out what's wrong unless you have yourself checked out. both you and your partner needs medical evaluation. a doctor will help determine whether you need a specialist or a treatment. hope this helps.


sherie - August 26

not a big thing to's common among women and mostly women who were suffering from secondary infertility got pregnant in no time.take fertility drugs, this should help.



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