am i being impatient
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helen - November 8

we were trying for a baby for over a year when we found out i was expecting in january,unfortunatly in feb i miscarried. i would like to see my dr to see if im ovulating or should i wait a few more months?


Mega - November 8

I'd say it's been long enough to go to a dr for help, tests, etc. I'm sorry about your miscarriage, by the way. Do you have reason right now to suspect you're not ovulating? Long, irregular cycles? Lack of EWCM? Have you tried charting a few months & not seen any temp shifts? Also, another thing to consider is getting your partner tested. Getting a SA done on your partner is a good first step in ruling out potential issues. Those are just a few thoughts. I definitely don't think you're being impatient though. Good luck! HTH.


helen - November 8

thanks 4 the kind words megan my cycles are between 30-37 days now but before my miscarriage they were between 30-50 days so i know there more regular now but i was told that you can still have months when you dont ovulate. hope your ok x


Mega - November 8

You're welcome! That's is a step in the right direction, that you're getting more regular. Based on your longer cycles, it couldn't hurt to talk with your dr. Maybe talk about getting a progesterone test (day 21 test) to verify ovulation. And yes, you're right, supposedly we all have occassional months of no ovulation. I have PCOS myself & am currently seeing an RE. I recently had my 1st IUI & am gearing up for IUI #2. I have been responding pretty well to Clomid, which is good. Hang in there!!!


Tori - November 8

I think you should go for it! I have a sister in law who had problems TTC she finally got pg but miscarried in the 3rd mnth a few month after she got pg and had a healthy son. It must have increased her fertility because shes 3mnths pg again. She TTC for a long time and now she can stop I say go for it and maybe after this child it may get easier. I hope you get a BFP real soon and ~*~Baby Dust~*~


dea - November 9

Hi ladies--I know two different women who ttc for YEARS. Nothing wrong with their bodies or dh's bodies....after finally having babies it was like they turned into fertility farms! I think pregnancy does kick in a woman's fertility. Just my two cents...



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