Am confused !!! pls help
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devi - March 19

hi, i am 28 yrs and hve been trying for a baby for past 4 months.Every month i use ovulation predictor and make love accordingly.My Periods are regular and maintain a very healthy and balanced diet.But there is one thing which concerns me is the pain on my right side of lower abdomen which i generally feel on the 10th day after ovulation.(I had an abdominal surgery for appendix at the age of 12--for info).The pain is severe on that particular day and than it remains on and off till i get my next period.Post ovulation i start experiencing stomach cramps/discomfort/stomach bloatted.
Usually i never get period cramps until arrives..however now it starts a week before confused what pain is this.Is evrything normal.What could be the reason for me not getting pregnant.Pls advice.Thanks.


emeliz - March 21

Have you told your GYN about this? You should get a sonogram to see if you look generally fine. Your dr. may want to give you an HSP test too, but that is a painful test, from what I've heard, so it's usually not given till after at least 6 months of ttc. FYI I get pain on rt. side too, that is common for women around O. time. My pain usually starts when I O. and lasts as long as 4 -5 days! My sonogram was fine but it's been 6 months of ttc for me so I'm going to get an HSP. Good luck!


addie1717 - March 21

Hi Devi, I would definatley ask your Dr. I know I notice a lot of different things that my body does more now since trying to may be you are just paying very close attention to your body! I have never heard of an HSP...I has an HSG, where they flsh your tubes to see if they are blocked or is somewhat painful...but feels like AF cramps and it is very fast! Good luck to you!


emeliz - March 21

Sorry about using wrong abbreviation there. I did mean an HSG (I'm new to this lingo!). Addie1717--did you take a pain-killer before or after the HSG? My sis. had 1 and told me when I have mine, I'd better take a painkiller b4 & after. She also said make sure DH or a friend is w/you in the dr. office to help you home. Was it that serious for you too? (I'm glad to hear it was fast!). p.s. to all: my dr. said an HSG can be therapeutic because the dye they inject can flush out some blockages.



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