Alycia's Angels 2007
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Rachel5 - January 5

I thought I'd create a new heading for this year and also wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year. Hope you had great holidays. I've been sick with a cold since the 28th and it is not showing signs of going away, so frustrating. If not gone by next week I'll have to go see the doctor as my Mom had to get antibiotics for sinusitis so hopefully I didn't catch that.


Rachel5 - January 12

I guess nobody is coming on here anymore. Just wanted to say that we just found out we are having a girl. We're so excited. My father is in Yelloknife on business so we are waiting till he gets back this weekend to tell our families first.


Alycia - January 18

Rachel, that's fabulous! I'm so happy for you. So much for the blue PBK stuff, eh? I was finally able to see your u/s pics from long ago after I downloaded Adobe. Dh had just built us a new computer and it wasn't on there yet at the time. How are you feeling? You must be showing pretty well now. Send pics! You're right... I don't come on here much anymore, but I'd love to hear from you by email. I'll still check in occasionally, I promise. Gareth is growing so fast! He says "dada", "mama", and I swore I heard him say "cat" this morning. He's standing next to my chair, grinning, bouncing up and down, and squealing at me as I type. Very cute!


BeccaR - January 24

Hey all! Rachel that is great! Alycia those were really cute pics. I actually had a normal cycle on my own so dh and I are going to try one more month on our own and if no pg we will have the RE monitor to see if I have started ovulating on my own or not. Then we will decide what to do. Just a quick update for you.



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