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Alycia - November 28

Rachel - That's great! I didn't have the pains you are talking about, but there are so many weird little pains that people get that I wouldn't worry too much. You can always mention it to your doc at your next checkup.


AMY KA - December 6

Rachel -- Glad to hear everything is progressing well. I'm very happy for you! And yes, I had the pains, too. I recall having them during the 1st trimester but then they dissipated soon thereafter.


Rachel5 - December 7

Hello Ladies. How is everyone? How' the Xmas shopping going. I took the next couple Friday's off to finish off, I already wrapped half the gifts. So I am 14 weeks today. In the last coupel days I feel like someone has kicked me in the crotch/pelvic bone. It hurts to get up from a lying position in the couch and also when turning from one side to the other at night when sleeping. I just feel like I slammed my front pelvic bone on something. Is this normal? Is this what they call round ligament pain?


Alycia - December 7

Rachel - It sounds like the cartilage in the front of your pelvis is loosening up. I had that pain off and on as well. I think if it gets really bad it's called symphysis pubis diastasis, but some of that loosening and pain are normal. I don't recommend reading about it, as it will make the pain feel so much weirder and bad, and you'll start imagining the worst - I did! So you're in the second trimester! Yea! Weirdly, I actually found that trimester the most uncomfortable in spite of its reputation as the honeymoon period of pregnancy. My discomfort peaked between 20 and 25 weeks when my belly exploded in size. EVERYTHING hurt - my ribs, my back, everything. One thing I wish I had known - and I now tell all my pregnant friends - is that when you have a pain or discomfort, DON'T assume it will keep getting worse throughout the pregnancy. I kept thinking, "Oh my gosh, if 'x' hurts so much now, how am I gonna make it another fifteen weeks?!" I wish I had known that for two weeks your ribs might kill you, but then that will let up and your hips will hurt for a while. And then it's something else. It doesn't all keep getting progressively worse the whole time. Keep us posted!


Rachel5 - December 16

Hellooooo, anybody home? LOL. I'm sure everyone is busy busy getting ready for Xmas - I can't believe it is just around the corner. This is a nutty, nutty time at work for me. My boss just gets on my nerves, he's such a loser. I've had awesome boss' before and he just sucks, guess I was spoiled. Anyway, I did some shopping yesterday and today. Mall was a zoo both days. I'm almost done, most are wrapped so in good shape all together. Bought the 12lb turkey today for the 24th dinner. It is going to drive my MIL crazy that things won't be done her way - ha. ha, I love it. I'm cooking everything the way my Mom would, cooking breast down so it can get more of the juice so more tender. My MIL cooks it breast up. It is going to drive her bananas and I am going to love every minute of it cuz she always thinks everything should be done her way. Th ebelly is expanding bit by bit. I've actually lost 10lbs but doc says not to worry, my appetite will pick up soon enough. I still get sick now and again, not sure what the trigger is, maybe prenatal vitamin. I'm glad the belly is showing a bit now, I love that pregnant feeling. I'll be 16 weeks on Wednesday. I haven't felt any movement yet. think it is still early. Hope everyone is well! Make sure to touch base.


BeccaR - December 16

hey all! Really busy with the Christmas holiday coming in just over a week. Rachel I am soo excited for you! Hope all is well with all of you. I think about you all reguarly.



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