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Becca - January 1

A New Year a new thread. Here is to the new year-may we all be mothers or expecting by the end of it! Lots of baby dust to all!


bump - January 2



Alycia - January 2

Found it! Happy New Year, everyone!


Rachel - January 3

Found it. Hope everyone is well. I'm packing my desk for the big move later today.


Clara - January 3

Rachel – Wow, what a Christmas surprise. I know you are mixed with emotions but just remember you can only be supportive. This is a decision your brother must make but he will need your unconditional love and support. We are all given challenges in our lives but we have to make the most of what we are given and look forward to the next day. I’m not saying you have to agree or support a gay lifestyle, simply support your brother emotionally and be there for him and your parents. Stef – I laughed so hard at the hair cut story. I was the same way. When I had long hair, I would get carded all the time but once I got pregnant I cut it off. Unfortunately I don’t get carded any longer but short hair is so much easier when you have a little one. Becca – I’m still reading all of the posts but have my fingers crossed. It truly is good to hear your hormone levels are getting to normal ranges. Stef and Alycia – You both have got to be so cute! I’m dreaming of the day when I’ll be huge again! I’m currently trying to lose the couple pounds I gained with my last pregnancy. It’s hard to believe how your body holds on to a little weight for the baby. My body just hasn’t figured out yet there is no need to hang on to it. It’s only a couple pounds so I’m sure I’ll lose it soon. My Christmas and New Years were both wonderful. I got to visit a lot of family and this was the first Christmas that both my sisters had good boyfriends! I know that sounds horrible but prior years were not much fun around family functions and this year we all had fun and laughed! We arrived home New Years Eve after a 6 hour drive so I wasn’t much in the party mood so dh and I watched the ball drop then went to bed. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it! I finally got through all my emails here at work and caught up on a few things so wanted to check on “my girls”. Hope you are all getting settled in after the holidays. Rachel – good luck with your new position!


Rachel - January 3

Hi Clara,
My Mom told me something that my brother said that struck a cord and it is that he would pay a million dollars to be a regular guy. He's sad that he will never have what my DH and I have which is something he would have really wanted....a big house, good jobs, good marriage and a future hope of children. I guess I never thought if it that way, that he is not happy to be the way he is but has to deal with it. I'm feeling better about it now but am not ready to tell anyone else, not even the in-laws. Plus I'm not sure what his wishes are.


Amy - January 3

Hi ladies! Happy new year! Glad to hear everyone enjoyed the holidays. Becca -- Thanks for starting another thread for the new year! When do you think you will test? I know you said you didn't BD much this cycle, but it only takes once! I am still hoping for you. Rachel -- I wish you the best in working through the emotions resulting from your brother's annoucement. We are all here to be supportive of you, so please let us know how you are feeling. Stef -- So glad to hear your quad test results were good. I know what a relief it is. Now you can relax before your big ultrasound! As for me, I am doing well and getting big! Alycia, I am with you on people noticing: I went on a Caribbean cruise with my family over the holidays and a few people on the ship asked me when I was due, etc. A taxi driver in Barbados asked DH and me if we wanted to take the baby for a tour of the island! I am particularly impressed when the guys comment -- it's kind of brave on their part, as what if I was actually just overweight?! The highlight of the week for me, though, wasn't the sun of the tropics (but that was great, too!), but rather I've started to feel the baby move. It's such a new sensation that makes it all very real! This month DH and I are going to start figuring out what furniture and other baby stuff to get -- should be fun, kind of like doing the whole wedding registry thing again! Hey, I was thinking that it might be fun to somehow share pictures of ourselves so we can put faces to names. I don't know, though, what you all think -- would that bring us closer or does that take away from the anonymity of this thread that has brought us all together?


Clara - January 3

Rachel - I've had some friends that were gay and after a while learned to live with the ridicule and figured out how to be happy for themselves. Once your brother learns that he needs to be happy first, he will find comfort that he does have to conform to everyone else's ideal of a perfect relationship. I'm sure you are right and he will be sad about all he will miss out on having and hopefully your family can all be there for him and allow him to enjoy nieces and nephews.


Clara - January 3

Amy K - Good to hear from you. So happy you are finally feeling the little one! Isn't it funny to watch people look at you knowing they want to say something but fear of insulting you they stay quiet. I would love to put a face with a name if everyone else is up for it. I'm warning you now that I'm not very photogenic but I would also love to see some belly shots if you all want to share. I believe I still have your email address but I'll post mine again if anyone wants it.


TO RACHEL... - January 3

i was just reading through your posts and wanted to say that your brother should not be unhappy for being who he is. my aunt is gay (or lesbian if you prefer) and leads a very happy and fulfilling life the way she is and my family all love her the same. she has a partner that she's been with for 7 years and they have 2 beautiful children (1 adopted and one by donor w/ ivf) and are thinking about adopting another child soon. she also has had a very succeful business and is a sargent in the police force. also my manager (he is an escrow officer) is gay and him and his partner have been together for 11 years and have just adopted a baby girl and they're all doing well. so tell your brother that he's not missing out on anything for being who he is and that he should be happy because that's what makes him who he is as a person. also tell him that he IS a regular guy and that choosing that life style doesn't make him irregular-it just simply makes him a unique individual. i give your brother my blessings that he'll find happiness and will have the fulfilling life he desires. i'm sure your family might not be pleased with the path that he has chosen to take, but it doesn't change who he is...he's still your brother (or son, nephew, uncle, your family). i hope that everyone will accept him and his choice and that he'll find the hapiness he wants. GOOD LUCK and HAPPY NEW YEAR! -D


Becca - January 3

Hey all! Still no af and my temps are holding steady at 96.8. If that rise was from ovulation I should be able to test tomorrow. My dh and I are probably going to be buying a home from those friends that are expecting baby # 5 because they have split their one into a duplex and are renting out the top so we would do that for a while and then when we needed we could just use both floors. It would be a great location (2 blocks from where we are now) and there are wonderful schools in the area. I don't know if I have explained but my dh and I are living in my parents home (a nice big one that makes me not want to go back to renting little houses) while they are in Omaha, Nebraska until March 2007. We would even rent out the bottom until my parents got home. We are not sure though. The home are friends want to buy is from people we know from church and they have not yet put it up for sale they just told them they were going to sale it. Sorry for boring everyone. I am just getting a little happy that we may be able to stay in this area after my parents move back.


Alycia - January 3

Amy, that's so great! Feeling the baby move is so exciting and reassuring, isn't it? Becca - That's great about both your temps and the possible new house. I'm hoping so hard for you that everything falls into place soon. I'm up for sharing pictures - I think it'll be fun. Maybe Clara can post her email address again and we can all "use" her to share addresses. I don't really want to post mine because I've finally gotten one that doesn't get any junk mail since I've kept it so close to the chest. If anybody's uncomfortable sharing pics or addresses, don't sweat it. We won't think you're a spoil-sport!


Clara - January 3

D - I don't think anyone wants him to feel bad or ashamed. Rachel needs to just talk about what is going on and we all support her and her family. As you know we are all trying desperately to have a child and know how difficult it is. I think the sorrow is that he may be missing out on a biological child from a loving relationship.


Clara - January 3

Becca - yea about the house and temps! I know what you mean about renting something smaller. It would kill me to leave our home and go back to an apartment or something smaller. My parents have added on to their house and over the time we were visiting I felt so comfortable and able to breathe and returned home to my smaller house and felt smothered. Don't get me wrong, my house is not that small but my parents newly remodeled home is 3500 sq ft and that is a lot of house. Alycia - I'm happy to post my email address. [email protected]. I look forward to it!


Alycia - January 3

Alright, I'm going to email Clara. I'll send a picture to whoever else sends her an address. Send me pictures, too!!


D - January 4

clara- i did not mean anything negative by my post, i just wanted to let her know that many gay people feel that way at first, but they can go on to live happy fulfilling lives. when my aunt "came out of the closet" my grandma (her mother) was not supportive at all...she didn't talk to her for almost a year because she was so against it. but my grandma realized that no matter what she's still her daughter and she still loves her the same. and like i said she is doing very well now and is very happy. and he doesn't have to be totally bummed about not having biological children, there are women who are willing to be surogate mothers for couples who can not conceive on their own, all he would have to do is get a donor egg and a surogate mother. i would love to be a surogate and be able to give a couple the chance of being parents to their children (as i know how hard it is to want a child and not be able to have one), but i have been trying to conceive my 1st child for 14 months with out any luck so that is kind of out of the question right now. i am sorry if my post offended anyone, i was merely trying to say that many gay people live happy fulfilling lives, it just takes them some time to accept who they are at first and not worry about what other people think or say about them. like i said before, i hope that her brother can find the hapiness he desires-he deserves it, just like everyone else. i wish you all good luck in this new year. again, please dont be offended by what i posted...i just wanted to let her know that even though this is something shocking to deal with, it's not a bad thing and i was hoping that she would tell him the same.


Clara - January 4

D - Sorry I became so defensive. These girls are like my second family and this is such a touchy subject and wanted to make sure Rachel knew we were here to support her and not be critical. I hope you can get your BFP soon. It's a long road but guarantee it is worth it.



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