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Stef - December 23

Good morning everyone. Today is my last day of work for alittle bit. Glad everyone is doing well. Alycia- wow seems like just yesturday we all heard you were prego. time is flying by. I can't wait to experience what you are. I'm still wearing my regular clothes at 16/17 weeks. But i must admitt i am starting to show alittle. Best of luck to everyone over the holidays. Enjoy it with the ones you love, for some of us this will be our last christmas as single couples, next year we will have our new babies there. For the rest, I'm wishing the most baby dust after christmas so that everyone will be able to experience this miracle. i will be back somtime next week. Happy holidays!!!!


Alycia - December 23

I'm about to head out on my trip, and thankfully the weather is marvelous. I'm wishing everybody a happy Christmas and loads and loads of baby dust!!!


Becca - December 23

Just wanted to get on and wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and the Best Boxing Day (Rachel)! I hope everyone has the best weekend and lots of baby dust. Everyone travel safe!


Rachel - December 23

Everybody have a great holiday. Sorry haven't been on lately but have been training the new person. We are going to my parents place up in northern ontario tomorrow till the 27th so take care and be safe.


Becca - December 27

How was everyone's Holiday? Is anyone else back to work yet? We came back today and I will be taking some time off next week when my in-laws are in town. Have not gotten af yet and my temps are still up so that is good sign. Miracle that I ovulated on my own. Stef-thanks for suggesting the metformin. Even if I don't get pg it is doing good things for me. I may have to add clomid and injections back in but that is ok. I feel somewhat like a normal woman now. How is everyone else feeling?


Rachel - December 29

Hope everyone had a great Xmas. All is well on my end. The day we came back from my parents place is the day I had o pains on the right side this time so we BD'd that day but it was way too dificult to do that at my parents house so this month is most likely a bust just based on timing...oh well, probably for the best right now with the new position. I have to tell you girls this as I can't tell anyone else or am not ready to yet. My little brother (23) sat us all down and told us he will most likely never ever take a wife home or any other female ever (was based on a joke I made earlier). My little brother is gay. Both DH and I were about 70% sure he was so it wasn't a major surprise; however, my parents are in shock, especially my Dad. Being in Toronto we are exposed to this a lot but my parents who live in a small french northern ontario community are not. I cried once we finally left the house, not sure why, for my brother or for me or for my family. One minute I am okay with it and the next I am embarassed, and ashamed to be embarassed. I think of all the things that will never be (sister-in-law, nieces/nephews, etc) and all the things that will be (seeing him touch a guy, people making fun of us, etc). Of course I would never tell my brother my dissapointment as he cannot help who he is but wow, it's real. My parents were supportive and we just have to take it a day at a time. So, that was all I could remember from Xmas....
Not back to work will the 3rd.


Stef - December 29

Rachel- Wow about your brother, that happened to me.My uncle thats only 7 years older than me so i consider him basically like a bother told everyone he was gay after he had a child and was married. I couldn't believe it. Of coarse we were shocked and embarrassed but we got over it and he's happier this way. The worst part about it is he has a twin brother and he's completely the opposite. Becca- glad your still taking those meds. I'm sure they'll work just let them get into your body. I'm doing well. Starting to get a belly now. I'm going to bit the bullet and try to find maternity clothes now. Even though i really don't need them yet i'd rather look prego than fat. I also got my quad screen test results back yesturday, everything looks good. so far no genetic disorders. That made me relax for once. Hope everyones holiday was good, mines just busy. talk to you all next week.


Becca - December 29

Rachel- That is always a hard one to deal with. I don't have any family that is gay but I do have friends that have come out and I know it is hard for everyone involved. But I am sure your brother understands that you all love him. I am really confused right now because my temps jumped again. According to fertility friend I did ovulate from the last jump but this morning they jumped another .4 degree. Also my boobs were having pains off and on which sometimes (but not always) happens around both o and af. I did feel crampy yesterday. However, there is a flu going around so maybe I am getting sick and that is why it went up. Not sure. I think this month is a bust anyways because we did not bd very much compared to other months. With the holidays and parties and concerts (my nephew is in a band that is getting to be really big and I get tickets for free to all his concerts) and my dh working early mornings he is usually in bed by the time I get home and we just did not get the every other day thing this month, We are going to wait until we have enough money set aside for 2 months of meds before going back to the RE so I am really hoping to figure out this temp thing. Sorry this is sooo long. Hope all is well with everyone else.


Becca - December 29

Stef- I pulled up the page before your post. Great news about the quad screen. This girl I work with (who reminds me a lot of you by the funny things she and you say) said she dreaded looking for maternity clothes but she went and we found her the cutest clothes. She looks so adorable in them and it makes it so she is not stretching out her clothes she already had. She did not need them when she bought them but she needs them now. Her belly grew fast.


Stef - December 30

Thank god its friday. My bf had the day off and i'm working. I went to get my hair trimmed last nite and told the girl that since i was pregnant that i wasn't going to get color just a cut and no joke she leaned over to me and asked if my mother knew. Right then and there i knew she thought i was alot younger than i am so i told her to cut it off. 6inches to be exact. Since i'm starting to show now that's all i need is a bunch of people thinking thats theres another 16/17 yr old pregnant out there. Other than that trying to make plans on new years. Since this year i will be sipping sparkling grape juice i know it won't be as fun. Hope everyone has a great new years. I'm be back on here tuesday.


Becca - December 30

Stef- That is both funny but sad what she said to you. Cheer up about new years. My dh and I do not drink and we always have tons of fun. This year we are hosting a game night for our non drinking friends and those who are trying to quit drinking- either due to alcoholism or they are trying to quit smoking and there for not drinking right now. It is going to be a blast and we will be drinking the sparkling cider and grape juice as well. I have never drank on New Year's Eve, even when I did drink (I was never a big drinker though, more of a social give a wine cooler type person). And trust me I had a lot of fun! My temps are back to closer to the normal range for post ovulation. I was at 96.7 (post o being 96.8) but I had a restless night so I thought it would be higher. I am now 12 dpo and am thinking I will be getting af here soon. My boobs have been hurting but in a way where they get like spasms of pain, not a constant hurting. I think it may be a new af symptom since my hormone levels are trying to even out from the fertility drugs and moving to metformin. Well, everyone have a wonderful New Years! Be safe wether you are drinking or not, especially if you are in an area with icy roads. I am hoping to test on Monday morning.


Alycia - January 1

Hi, everyone. I hope you all had a great holiday and New Year's! I had a good time in Texas with dh and the family, although sitting in the car so long is absolute misery for me now. NO MORE car trips for me until this baby is OUT! I finally had a stranger comment on my pregnancy, so I guess I'm finally in the "defiitely looks pregnant" category. My belly has exploded in the last two weeks - not a single one of my short sleeved tops fits me anymore, so I had to run to Old Navy as soon as I got to Texas to get some maternity ones (it was hot there). My stomach looks like it juts straight out at the bottom, too! Everything is pushing out at the top of my ribcage, also, so I need to buy new bras again since my band size has increased. Everything's going well, although I have a devil of a time getting comfortable while trying to sit or lie down. We bought a crib and dresser at Ft. Hood while we were in Texas since they have a very large furniture store on post. The changing tables were out of stock, but we'll be ordering it by mail. Rachel - I hope you and your family are adjusting better to your brother's announcement. I'm sure everything will be fine, as we are living in such accepting times. Becca - I hope af hasn't showed up... your temps sound promising. How are they doing today?


Becca - January 1

Hey all- temps still holding steady at 96.8. My only worry is that the increase was from the meds and I have not ovulated. According to I should test at the end of this week or beginning of next so I am not going to test tomorrow. Our close friends (and distant relatives) came over last night. They are expecting their 5th child this summer and they are so wonderful, they bring their kids over for us all the time to play with and even though we are distant cousins they treat us as aunt and uncle and even refer to us that way. They are very sensitive to our situation and yet they don't act like they have to avoid baby subjects which is good. Sometimes it hurts more when you can tell people are avoiding talking about it then the unwelcomed comments of when are you finally going to have kids. Alycia- I wish I could see you. I bet you are the cutest pg lady.


Becca - January 1

Hey everyone- look for the new thread. A new year and I thought a new thread would be appropriate. It is called Alycia's Angels 2006 (I just could not part with the wonderful name from this thread.)


Stef - January 3

Good morning. I hope everyone has a good new years. Mine was ok, of course i was the DD of the nite. I did have one drink but that was it. I tried looking for maternity pants this weekened and walked out of every store almost in tears. No one carrys my size a petite small. So thankfully i knew somone that just had a baby and was my size and all her pants ended up fitting. That saved me a bunch of money. Alycia i bet you look sooo cute. My stomach is starting to get bigger. I still don't feel the baby yet. I'm now 18w1d. So i'm hoping any day now.


Stef - January 4

Where is the new thread? I've looked at first trimester and second trimester. Where should i look??????



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