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Gina R - the new one!! SORRY! - October 1

Ok i'm new to all of this...the forum, the getting pregnant..and i dont know if what i'm gonig thru is normal.. First off..i'm on provera & metemorfin 1500 mg and i have more stomache problems then i did w/ my lactose intolerance. What's that about? Is it normal? THen i get cramps in my stomach so bad, it's so uncomfortable. My mood swings are all over..i'm an emotional rollercoaster. Is this normal? i have 6 refills of these medicines, i'm gonna be on it that long? Can someone help me? On the 10th i'm starting Chlomid. I just dont know what to expect!


isa - October 1

Gina I cant help you on the provera or metmorfin because I havent been on it but the clomid i was on this month and only had a few hot flashes (100mg for 5 days). I was lucky by what i hear because it can make you moody apparently. The flashes continued about 2 days after the last day of taking the pills. I'd do them again.


Jcr - October 1

I am on metforming 1500mg, I had a few stomache issues in the beginning, but am fine now. Did they slowly up your metformin to 1500 or did they just start you at that? Sometimes I have heard that if you slowly move up to that dosage it helps. My dr told me to take it with meals which really helped. As far as the provera I think it can make you moody but not sure. I took prometrium to bring on a cycle, and had some cramps with it and definate mood swings (more pms) good luck and let your Dr know he may reduce your meds.



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