almost 2 wks after my laparoscopy
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Angie - January 28

Hi, guys. I had an endometriosis and get my laparoscopy done on the 17th of this month. It has been almost 2 weeks, but I am still feeling some cramps around both of my ovaries and sometimes a little painful. I am getting a little worried and thinking about calling my RE. My af is due on Jan. 30. Do you think it has something to do with the cramps or.....? Those who had the same procedure done, please let me know what you experienced and how you felt 2 weeks after your laparoscopy. By the way, I had a chocolate cyst on my left ovary and some adhision on my right ovary as well as bladder. I'd really appreciate your response.


patty - January 29

angie--i may need to get laparoscopy done due to endometriosis. can youplease tell me about your experince--was it painful--how long did everything last...etc.......good luck


Angie - January 29

hello, patty. Don't be scared or worried about this procedure. This was my very first surgery, but it was not as bad as I expected. The whole procedure lasted only 2 hours...I am not sure. That was how long I was asleep. I got sick because of the medication given to me. Tha was the worst part. As long as you rest after the surgery, you will be okay. The stitches are not big at all either. There is another thread where those who have done this procedure and share their experiences, So you should check that out. Good luck to you, too.


bj - January 30

Hi, Angie. I had a lap back in October. A couple of weeks later, I had some pain in my abdomen, and didn't know if it was from the surgery or what. I finally called my doctor, and they had me come in. They decided it was just from the surgery, and that I needed to take it easy. I would call your doctor though and tell them any concerns you may have. Good luck to you!


Angie - January 30

Thanks, bj. I actually have started feeling better yesterday. I don't have any pain. But I kinda started feeling PMSish bloating...because my af is due on tomorrow. But thank you for your response. Good luck to you, too.


Mega - January 30

Glad you're feeling better, Angie. Patty--when are you planning on getting the lap? I'm just curious, I'm working with my dr to get it scheduled hopefully in early February. I want to rule out endo before I go on injectables. So I'm in a similar boat as you regarding what to expect during the laporosocopy.


patty - January 31

hi mega--well i have to go for my day 3 testing-then the hsg. i am not sure if the drs want to go ahead and do laparoscopy. they will decide after these tests because i have pcos and on my left ovary they are not 100 percent sure but it seems like endo. my cycles are crazy ! i just had a light watery strange af 2 weeks after my last.-no it is not implantation--because i ahve had this craziness before. but i am wondering mega or anyone else that if these strange af's are a good sign for the cysts --that they may drain a bit---or it is a bad sign for cysts ? my cysts are hormonal-thats what the specialist said after my blood tests.
mega and anyone else---i am so nervous for these day 3 exams--the hsg--and the other various exams----please help me put my mind at ease. due to all this stress i now have the flu.--at this point---i cant wait till day 3 of my cycle just so i can start to get some answers !---sorry this post is so long !


Mega - January 31

Yeah, the time leading up to the all tests can be nerve wracking. And the flu on top of it, yikes! Not fun. Feel better soon. But my philosophy is the more you find out about your whacky body (my body is whacky at least, I've come to that conclusion) the better prepared you are to fight to conceive your child. I'm sure the tests will be okay, if there not, well almost everything these days has a fix. Keep us posted on how your Day 3 test goes. I'm thinking of asking my dr to run that one as well. About the cysts, I'm not sure. I have PCOS myself though, & my left ovary is particularly polycystic. I really don't know how to take the light, watery AF type bleeding you keep getting. That might a progesterone related thing? Low prog. perhaps? I don't know. I've heard women with PCOS are also more likely to have endo though which is why I'm set on doing the lap as well. Anyway, hang in there. Vent all you need. Feel better!


Cutie - January 31

Hi Angie! How is it going? You said that you are better now> thats great!!! You know, I was having a lot of cramping too. But now its gone, Thank God... My pain was on both sides as well as a little blader infection per doctor, I am almost done with antibiotic. And now I got a yeast infection: havent ever had it , so now I need to take a pill for that.......POOR WOMEN :)


Angie - February 2

Hello, guys! I don't have my period yet!!! Today is Day 32. Usually my cycle is 30 days....I am very frustrated. I just want to go back to normal and start ttc again. I hope this procedure did not mess up my cycle.


Cutie - February 2

Good luck to you Angie, I hope it didnt mess up your periods, but did you try to test? Maybe you are already pregnant.. Keep us posted, lots of Luck


Mega - February 2

Oh, I hope it's b/c your pregnant, but I've read that the first cycle or 2 post-lap can be a little out of sync, a little longer, heavier more painful. But also as Cutie said there's always the chance you got PG right away. That's certainly possible. Please keep us posted. Dust!


Angie - February 3

I wish I were pregnant but unfortunately, there is no way that we are pregnant. My last ovulation was right after the laparoscopy. So we could not even try in January. Anyway, I am still waiting for my period. By the way, do you think you guys have gained some weight after the laparoscopy? I think I have. I should start going back to gym soon.


Angie - February 3

Cutie, how is your antibiotic situation? is it getting better?



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