All the signs of ovulation, egg?
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cdmrose - August 12

I just read that you can have a follicle visible by ultrasound, LH surges, ovulation pains, regular periods, and still not actually ovulate (Gardenweb menopause forum). Does anyone know if there is a sure-fire way to know we are _really_ ovulating? Almost 30 and TTC #1, month #5; 5 days into ovulation pains and starting to get frustrated, especially after reading this...


thayward7 - August 12

REALLY? That could send me into a worrisome tailspin! I know that many doctors rely on a progesterone check to see if you ovulated... Is this a common condition?
- T


cdmrose - August 13

I have no idea - someone just took the initiative to post what her doctor told her. I suppose you can't believe everything you read online, but was wondering if anyone else had heard this....I've been pretty depressed since reading it! Are progesterone checks different from LH ov predictor kits?


isa - August 14

Here's a bit I have learned. You can ovulate and progesterone test must be 7or 8 days after you ovulate so if you ovulate on cd14 then get it done on cd21or cd 22, but if you ovulate on cd12 you must get it done on cd19 or 20 (after 8 days it is an incorrect reading) -many doctors wrongly make all patients go in on cd 21 for this test and that is not correct- and yes it is a different test than lh (which is your surge to tell you that you are about to ovulate) and this is what the opk's do for you. Lh can be monitored better by a bloodtest than an opk but basically they are the same, the blood test is far more accurate. Also just because you ovulate does not mean you have eggs in your follicle or if you do have eggs it doesnt mean they are good quality eggs. As you age your egg quality gets poorer and you start to run out of eggs and then hit menopause. In my case I ovulate every month no probs but I have a genetic problem that unless I do ivf we wont know if I have any eggs or any good quality eggs until after they do a retrieval. Hope I helped some


linds99 - August 14

Luteinized unruptured follicle syndrom (all the signs of ovulation and good progesteron levels during luteal phase)...this is when the egg develops, but never releases, but the corpus luteum produces progesterone still despite the lack of releasing the eggs. I have this, they categorize it as anovulation. I have regular periods, ovulation pains and LH surges, my blood came out normal too. Perhaps the LH surge is not strong enough to get the egg to release? Anyway, this LUF issue is highly undiagnosed because it also is very hard to diagnose since blood is normal during folliclular and luteal phases and there is normal period.



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