all of my girlfriend are having babies but it very happens t
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dreya - August 3

well i am 22 and childless my soon to be husband wants a child , we have been trying on and off for about 5month iam very scared i will not be able to giving him a child. i got pregnant when i was 15 year old ,my mom notice i wasn't my myself and sick all the time so she gave a test because she was a nurse and came out postive so she told me to get rid of the baby. now i meet the man of my dreams and i can't make him a happy father i am scared. what iam going to do ? this is my first time talking about my prolbem because i am some what ashamed every month i am taking tests and they all are negtive . i am going to take action i going to the doctors office on friday to tell him about my prolbem hopefully he can tell me what going on . i really think it because my cycle is crazy the normal is every 28 day ,mines every 35-36 days soory for being so long winded . p.s. good luck to everyone


slowpoke01 - August 3

dreya i think that you are doing the right thing with going to the doc. your progesterone may be low and causing you not to ovulate on your own and they may be able to do something simple like put you on clomid so it is good that you are taking your fertility issues seriously even though you are so young. dont feel ashamed by what has happened you were young. it is good that you are brave enough to take charge and talk about your problem and to seek help about it. but most "normal" couples dont even get pregnant right at the start. most docs dont want to do anything until you have been trying for a year. also you may want to buy some ovulation predictor kits and start teswting just to see if you are ovulating and maybe start doing basal body temping to make sure you are ovulating. good luck at your doctors appoinment


summertime - August 3

hey dreya, im in the same situation as you, me and my hubby have been tring for 8 months now but no luch. i went to the doc. and my problem was that i'm not ovulating but they can't find out why. i stopped my birth control in dec. and still nothing. i also had an abortion at 15. its so sad because it was so easy then but now that im ready im having problems conceiving, i'm 24.



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