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tanner789 - September 19

this is my first month taking clomid 50mg taken on days 5-9 my last pill was last week mon, i am on day 17 and still have not ovulated yet according to ovulation strips(dont even know if those are reliable though). i am continuing having sex every other day. i am just nervous that if i do concieve i am convinced i will miscarry b/c i have heard so much about people on clomid miscarrying. my dr told me that i was annovulatory, is that different from pcos. this is our 10th month trying, and are sick of everyone around us getting pregnant or people offering- just relax dont plan it, it will happen, those people have no clue. can anyone give me anything positive to look forward to with this med. i didnt have much symptoms til about 3 days ago(wasnt even on the med during this) but i experience hot flashes & mild mood swings , and very minimal dizziness. i also read somewhere that if you have symptoms form the drug you have a less likely chance of concieving is this true? please share any stories whether good or bad about this med. also my dr didnt do any bw on me or anythign before starting the med, i just kept track of all my past 9 month cycles and when i ovulated and fromt hat he dx me with annovulatory cycles due to late ovulation or not ovulating at all. also while taking the med he isnt do any ultrasounds or bw as of yet i see him this fri but i will be on day 21 isnt that too late, and should i request to have u/s from now on, to check for egg development and lining size?? sorry so long.


tibby - September 19

Okay at this point you're not sure if it worked or not. Your doctor what you to come in on cd21 to check your progesterone to see if you did ovulate. What type of doctor are you seeing? Everyone that I have talked to has had hot flashes, I have them and there no joke and some times a headache. I have pcos and I found that out through b/w. You can ask your doctor to do blood work, he should've did that before give you meds. Good Luck this friday.


ROBYN - September 19

I did Clomid for 5 months started 50 mg to 150 mg. All the side effects that you are getting are normal. I had awful mood swings and irritability, night sweats and hot flashes. My issue was ovulation. We have been seeing a fertility specialist and now will start IVF. As for Clomid your doctor should be monitoring you very closely. I always went in on CD2 for an ultrasound they checked to see if my ovaries had any cysts then I did Clomid from days 3-7 on CD10 started OPK's went in on CD12 to see the size of the follicles and then depending on their size would do an Ovidrel Trigger Shot after that on Cd21 went in for a progesterone level check to see if I ovulated then waited for AF or no AF. You need to make sure you are being monitored properly on these meds if your doctor doesnt do that then see a specialist that will take care of your needs. Good luck to you


Allison35 - September 20

Hi! Iam on my 1st Clomid month: days 2-6, 50mg. I have had the same symptoms. Currently on Day 12. I am ovulating now.


mrshorse - September 20

I took chlomid off and on for 3 years. I started at 50mg and went all the way up tp 200mg. I have yet to be bleesed with a child, however one of my really good friends has had two pregnancy result from clomid. First was a set of twin boys and second she had one boy, so for her it worked perfectly. As far as u/s, they didn't do them for me until I started my IUIs. I hope my friends story will help you feel better.


Allison35 - September 21

I have taken Clomid twice before. 1st time resulted in my son who is now 14. The second time resulted in a miscarriage around 5 weeks ll/95.
I got pregnant 2 mos later in 01/96.
After 18 mos. of trying and a miscarriage 11/05, the doctor decided that I neede a little help.


Tracy88 - September 21

Tanner, I did clomid for three cycles, which all failed. I ovulated like a champ on the drug, but did not get PG and will never know why since the doc did not do any ultrasounds. My lining may have been too thin, etc...... I did, however, move on to a specialist who performed a laparoscopy. We opted for the lap before starting expensive treatments because if the clomid did not work, we weren't taking our chances with something as expensive as injectables or IVF not working. Thank the universe he did the lap because he found, endo, adhesions, polypoid tissue in the uterus, a fibroid on the surface of the uterus, cysts on my fallopian tubes, and loads of extra tissue just sitting in my uterus. The extra tissue looked like cotton candy and he said he would not be surprised if sperm could not get through all that. My point to all this is......make sure you are monitored, get all the bloodwork done that is necessary, and if clomid does not work in 3 to 4 cycles, move on. I just did my first cycle of injectables with IUI after my lap and am now PG. So far so good at least. I have an appointment for an U/S and more bloodwork in about an hour. Clomid did not work for me, and I could have sat there spinning my wheels month after month, but I opted to seek out the problem. Good luck.



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