Alittle concerned here...any thoughts or advice?
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Candy - November 23

Ok, here's my last period was Nov. 6th; it last the normal 5-6 days with normal flow. I believe it was the 16th I started spotting, it lasted for about 3 days and it wasn't heavy at all...not even enough to really have to wear a pad, mainly it was just when I wiped. Well, on the 25th I felt alot of burning when I went pee (sorry TMI), so I went down to the ER and they said I have a UTI. Ok, that was just this past Friday...I have been on antibiotics and now for the past 2 days I have been feeling VERY sick to my stomach and VERY crampy...I've had UTIs before and I don't remember getting ANY type of cramping or feeling sick or anything; I just remember taking the antibiotics and it going away. I know this probably sounds stupid but could I actually be pregnant and the UTI just happened to of came about at the same time or what? I know I should and WILL go see my doctor but I'm just looking for some thoughts or advice...TIA :O)


M - November 23

Candy, your spotting on the 16th could've been from ovulating, some women spot then. I think you should take a hpt in the morning and also get a blood hcg done to rule that out. My friend also had a uti and that's how she found out she was pg!!! :) good luck!


Jane - November 24

I have had many UTI's and some of them made me very ill, sick to my stomach, weak,and spotting. Hard to say which it could be...time will tell. Good luck.



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