Alcohol and TTC
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Sonja - July 9

Hello all! I just read in a baby-making book that women that consume even a small amount, reduces your chances by 50%. It said that women should completely stay away from it during their baby-making years, but men can have a little here and there. If this is so, how come so many young women get pg when they get plowed at a party? I drink on the weekends, but I have been trying for 4 years. If this is my problem, since both of our tests came out fine, then how do I "detox?" Has anyone else had any problems with this? I didn't know that just minimal alcohol can have such an effect. Meanwhile, my hubbie's bro and sis-in-law are having babies like rabbits, are on welfare, and take drugs and drink all the time. They treat their kids so terribly and it just makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. Isn't life ironic how some people have them all the time and cannot afford to feed or care to take care of them, while others have to pay thousands of dollars for procedures or adoption? I feel like just throwing my hands up and quit. I really hate family gatherings. I can't think of any other reason that I cannot get pg, I even diet and exercise. Anyone got any opinions on this whole alcohol thing? I am just disgusted of this whole situation. Thanks for letting me vent.


merlee - July 10

you said it all. I am disgusted with it too. I have a cousin on welfare with 7 kids ages 3 - 20, and the oldest started with hers at 16. Here I am trying for 2.5 yrs and doing everything right, no baby yet. I have been concerned about the alcohol also and have decided that it is okay occasionally and only one drink, and only when I know I am not pg (like during AF).


Lena - July 10

Research into RAD hasn't pinpointed how much or at what time in gestation will have alcohol will have an effect on a fetus. Some say early gestation some same late. Some doctors say its okay to have an occasional glass of wine. Others docs say no way. What is known is that even the slightest sip of alcohol has caused RAD. That's just too risky for my liking and I really don't know why anyone would take the chance. Life is complicated enough without physical and mental impairments. Last night we went to dinner and their was gal in her early 20's, very pregnant with two unruly kids. Her husband was scamming on all the waitresses, her kids were climbing all over the table and booth, and she seemed oblivious to it all. She was eating sushi and drinking a Sapparo. I just don't get how some woman are fortunate to have 3 children and not even take care of them. And there I sat and stared at her, once again on CD1.


~kat~ - July 10

i totally agree with you,i gave up drinking compleatly for 4 months out of the 8 that ive been ttc,then realised that the whole ttc thing was taking over my life and i was getting nowhere,so now i will drink if i have a night out between when i get af until i get near to ovulation time then i stop until next af arrives,good luck.x


Justine - July 10

As far as I'm aware alcohol has no effect on your ability to conceive - it certainly wouldn't stop you getting pregnant for 4 years. I don't think stopping the occassional drink will make any difference. I think when you've been trying to conceive for years its no bad thing to drink moderately sometimes to enjoy yourself. Life is hard enough without cutting out the pleasures. Obviously when you are pregnant its best not to drink at all. When I was trying to conceive I only drank when I was certain I wasn't pregnant - during my periods. It was the only good thing about getting my periods! Some couples do have unexplained infertility - the best thing is to get advice from a fertility specialist. Good luck trying to conceive. Hope you get pregnant soon.



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