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Jaqi - June 15

How was your bloodtest??? Did you get a big fat ++++++?????


aish - June 15

No i didnt get it ...i will go for my 2 IUI ...but this mth i wont do it ....
what about u?


Jaqi - June 19

Same here...AF came, so I am trying Clomid 100mg this time. I will have to have another sx sometime this fall to remove fibroids and a polyp, then wait to do IVF, unless the Clomid works. Sorry chica, you didn't get it. You will soon though!!!!


aish - June 19

i know how bad it feels..i hope all well goes...i still believe in GOD. i am not doing nay thing this mth as we r going out of state so next mth i will go for my 2 iuI



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