Aiding Cervical Mucus
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Deb - July 6

I was told that they are so remedies out there to help better your cervial mucus for sperm viatility. is this true? I heard that taking regualr Robitussin can make your cm more egg white like since it contains an expectorant. I have also heard of a supplement you can get at GNC - 'Fertility Blend'. Any ideas? My problem is I cant tell when I am actually ovulating by my cm cause I typically dont get much and am hoping that is my only problem and these remedies will fix it and I will have the viable cm for sperm.


melissa - July 6

Hey Deb, well, I have been charting my ovulation and like you I do not get the strechy egg white mucus either, I am not sure why because I know at one time I must have had it because I have a 8 year old now. But I did have a std which I think altered it, because now I do not have it. After charting for a couple of months I realized this. I tried the Robitussin, and Mucinex as I drank alot of water, it made it just watery. SO this month I used real egg whites so we will c if this works, I am supossed to start on the 13th, we will c.


Deb - July 6

Yes I heard about the real egg whites too. I also just bought something called 'Preseed' lubricant. Many people have gotten pregnant after the first month. Might be something you should look into. I will let you know if it works for me. Hopefully i will get it in time for this month. Good luck and ~~baby dust~~ to you!


Caroll - July 7

Hi Deb and Melissa:

I have the same problem. Fertility Blend did nthing for me. I have used preseed, with no luck so far, but I also have a short leuteral phase.


merlee - July 7

Hi ladies, if you chart and know for certain when you o, you can take Dong Qui after AF to O. I have used it and Wow, what a difference in cm. I didn't have to use lubracant at all. But you should not use it after O.


Binx - July 9

I have been using is a godsend! This month I also tried Robitussin. It has been hard for me to judge anything based on my cm because we have been bding so much that I can't tell the difference between cm and semen. I also heard that Evening Primrose Oil is great for helping your body produce ewcm, but just like dong quai, you can only take it from AF to O. I'm going to try that next month if I don't get lucky this month. AF is due around the 12th...I'll let you know if the robitussin worked for me! Best of luck girls, I know this can get frustrating, but remember, stress affects fertility too so take time each day to relax in your own way. ~baby dust~


May - July 11

I just take a 250mg of vit E twice daily and have been on it for the second month now, I see that am O after several months of not actually seeing any cervical mucus. I guess this helps so keeing hopes high for this month. Baby dust to one and all.


Deb - July 11

Thanks for all the advice. I am going to try and Robitussin and PreSeed this month. Hopefully it will work. I will keep you guys posted. Binx have you gotten anything yet?


Chrissy - July 11

I have been on FertilAid for about 2 Months and a few days. I dont think I have ever ovulated before by myself. And I just found out i ovulated last week sometime which is GREAT! I havent had a period in over 7 months now sooooooooooo I just think that was my problem and then when I didnt get my period I didnt ovulated. But the last last time I ovulated I didnt have that much mucus. And Fertilaid also helped me with that too!!!! You can go to to get fertilaid. Good Luck....and baby dust to all!!


Deb - July 11

Chrissy - How did you find out you ovulated? I sometimes have that problem figuring out when I actually did. I began taking me temps to help.


Mimi - July 12

I am trying Ovulex, folic acid, and I too ordered the Preseed. My cm use to be abundant, but now it seems to have decreased and I no longer see the egg white cm. I am asuming it may be due to my age since I am 40. I also heard about the Robitussin. I would say try it. It will not hurt. Good luck to you. :)


Deb - July 12

Thanks too. Good luck with the Robitussin. Let me know how you make out.


waterlily - July 19

Hi guys -
I have been TTC for almost 2 yrs. I had to get really serious and scientific. You can't leave it chance. Here is what I did. And two of my gfs did the same. I used the clear blue easy fertility monitor and BBT Toni Weshler method to figure when I was O. Once I knew for sure when i was about to O (after 3 months of charting) i then took mucinex starting 5 days before O. I took mucinex each day leading up to O. It made my mucus very watery. I finally got pregnant the first time trying mucinex! You have to be diligent in charting your temps. don't get lazy. It works! I think using all these things helped me. Good luck ladies.


taylor - November 1

what is the toni weshler method just got my period today tell me what to do


Mega - November 1

Hi. I just got EWCM this cycle for the first time, well the first time since I've been checking for the stuff! Of course for me it was a moot point b/c we did an IUI for the first time!! But I was excited to see it nonetheless. I don't know if this was a coincedence or not, but I'd been using Robitussin for a bad cough I can't get rid of. I think it really helped with the CM, and I was even on Clomid too for the IUI. I'm currently in week 2 of the dreadful 2ww, but I thought I'd share my own EWCM story. Good luck to everyone on the thread! Tons of babydust!


Elina - November 8

Hi to all of you :) I am 24 and my hubby is 26 years old..we're trying to concive for 6 months and so far nothing..I used fertilty blend for 4 moths and he took it for 3mothns ..nothing happened...Now we ordered Fertilty Aid + preseed and will see what happens...This waiting and wanting game is killing me ...I will keep you guys updated ,,,I WISH WE ALL STAY PREGNANT SOON :):) PLS GOD!



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