after progesterone when do i get AF ?
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patrizia - April 7

i was taking progesterone on days 16 to day 25 of my cycle. i am wondering after my last pill when should i get af ? i am also wondering --i was spotting a bit brown -pink on my last 2 days is that normal with progesterone ? my last pill was sunday night and today is saturday and no AF. on wedsnday i thought i was going to start--but i only had 2 wipes of reddish pink blood and since then...nothing !. what is going on ?


patrizia - April 8

can anyone help ? it has been 1 week since my last progesterone pill and no af. just the day i was expecting af ( on wedsnday) just 2 spots of pinkish blood ?


sharerc - April 8

It only took me 2 days after my last progesterone suppository. Have you tried testing yet?


rhea01 - April 9

mine came after 4 days of proge. injections


patrizia - April 9

yes. i did test yeterday morning 6 days after my last pill. and it was BFN. what could be wrong ? isn't progesterone suppose to bring on af. i keep running to the bathroom think..oh time to put the big matress on-af is here--but nothing just alot of wetness at times and mucos. any thoughts ?



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