After ovulation, when your temp is rising.....
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bbt gal - August 10

After ovulation, when your temp is rising how high does it need to be to have implantation stick? Mine is above coverline of 97.4 (last night i was 98, then night before 98.2) are these high enough to allow implantation? I'm cycle day 19.Also, does the .2 degree dip mean anything or is it normal to have ups and downs after ovulation.This month charting (my 8th month) my temp chart is far different than any other month. Other months i can plainly see probs with my temps and the up and downs being too much but what does a normal temp chart look like after ovulation? Is it always a steady rise or are they ups and downs?


KellyN - August 10

That's a good question. I would like to know too! My cover line is around 97.9


Krystle - August 10

your temps at night mean nothing. the only temp that you go by is your waking temp. after you start your day your temps will sky rocket. Even when you take your bbt it is normal to see fluctuation in your temps. Ups and downs are normal before and after O. You don't need to look at the specific temps one day at a time. You look for patterns. If your temp goes below CL one time during your LP it is usually a second estrogen surge. It should last one day and go back up. If you are dipping below CL a lot during your LP that could indicate a problem


D. - August 10

There are ups and downs as well. I've seen plenty of charts that are pregnancy charts with low temps, and I've seen plenty of charts that have high temps with no pregnancy. Frustrating, huh? There is a general idea that if you do have low temps 98.2 or lower after O, that you may have a progesterone problem or a thyroid problem. Some docs poo poo the idea, but I have seen it turn out to be true in a few cases, though not in all. It might be worth, if you feel your temps are low, to have these two things checked out. Here are my charts: ------http://www2.fertility


bbt girl - August 11

sorry krystle when i said last night i meant when i woke up this morning and took my temp (waking temp) i just call it last night cuz it was last nights sleep/temperature..anyways u know what i mean. To D. i tried to copy over the address you put but it didnt work can u check it and see if maybe there is a typo because i would love to see what other people's temp charts look like. I've had a bunch of tests run and i have my appt next week to get results. my p4 progesterone test is on Friday.


D. - August 11

Try this one ----- ----


To D. - August 11

from bbt gal...D. thanx i got to read through it and i am so sorry to see the 2 m/c's but really appreciate your willingness to share your charts with me/us on this board. I was again 98 today (day 20) so i am hopeful it will continue to rise this month :)



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