After laparoscopy was AF on time???
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Tracy88 - July 17

Was AF early, late, or on time the cycle you had your lap done?


Galina - July 17

Hi Tracy, I had my lap done on July 22, which was cd22 for me. After the lap, I was supposed to get af like a week later and it never came. My dr put me on BCP anyways, and now smack in the middle of my BCP cycle, I got af. Weird....


Tracy88 - July 17

I had my lap on cd9, so I am hoping AF comes on time. I think the doc wanted to do it before I ovulated, but not sure why. I think it was so my cycle didn't get messed up. Well, thanks for your input. I really appreciate it. All I can say about your AF situation is, at least it decided to finally come even if it was working on it's own schedule.


Tracy88 - July 18



Janice08 - July 18

Hi, I have had 3 laps done over the years and I'm sure I never had any delay on AF. I have always been pretty regular. One bit of information for you is that a friend of mine had endo and got a lap done then immediately fell pg because she was cleared out! She was trying for a few years prior to this and now has a health 5 year old! Hope this helps! Baby dust.


Tracy88 - July 18

Thanks Janice! I had mild to moderate endo too, some cysts on my fallopian tubes, scar tissue binding my ovaries, a fibroid on the surface of my uterus, and extra tiisue just sitting in my uteran cavity. The doc says that not one of those things would cause infertility, but all of them combined would. He said I can start trying right away, so I am hoping I am like your friend, and that it happens fast. AF is due next week and then after that, well.....let's just keep our fingers crossed.


Janice08 - July 18

Good luck Tracy hope now that you are "cleared out" things will be plain sailing for you and you will have your gorgeous 2007 baby! Keep in touch!


Tracy88 - July 18

Thank you Janice, I will keep in touch.



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