After IUI part 2...
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KellyN - August 23

Hi ladies! I have been a lurker on the "after IUI" thread for a while now, since I will be having my first IUI this week. I really want to start participating on the thread, and I really enjoy reading the thread, but now it is so long that my computer takes forever to open the page. Could it possibly be continued here??


Sue Z. 38 - August 23

Kelly - that's a good idea.


KellyN - August 24

Hi Sue Z! I am a bit nervous about my IUI. This afternoon I am going to get an u/s to see how many follicles the clomid has produced, then tomorrow is the IUI. My doc said last month there were two women who did IUI for the first time and both got pg, so I hope that good news travels in threes!!


Sue Z. 38 - August 24

Kelly - My first IUI did not work. I was so upset. If you read any of my postings you can see I'm going all out this cycle. How old are you? And do you know your FSH? Since these seem to be my barriers. I wish you good lots of baby dust!


KellyN - August 24

Hi Sue Z! What is FSH? I am 36, and ttc for my first. I too could kick myself for waiting for so long. We have been at it for over a year now, and no luck. At the beginning of last cycle I was diagnosed with pcos, which is probably age/diet related. The doc said my pcos was not as bad as many other women, so I may have a better chance. I may not have eaten very well through the years, but at least I did get a good bit of exercise. I think that's what has saved me from a really bad case of pcos.



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