After IUI - part 2
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Galina - April 6

northfield, I have heard that your chances of a BFP get higher w/each consecutive IUI...Good luck to you!


lally - April 7

Thanks Lilly. The result on my HCG was 22.89mIU/ml. The Dr. has told me to wait until next week to confirm if it is +ve. This could due to the HCG injections that i am taking. Will wait until then. If anyone has anything to tell me please let me know.


lilly2 - April 7

Lally, i hope this result will become an real pregnancy result.Nothing to do else than wait, it is a reason i didnt want to test even i was on cd30 i was sceard to get wron result.I red on and aussie site hcg may stay for even 3 weeks in system.Keeping praying for you and take care.


Lally - April 7

Thanks have been a good inspiration to all on this site. Keep the spirit going....



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