after depo- provera progestin injection
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charly - January 14

I got my last period in Aug '06 and when I recieved my first and last depo shot. It is now january and I havent had a period since and now Im sleepping and eating alot. I have maybe gained about 10 pounds. I am not sure if I am pregant But I dont think I am and had a pregancy test done in sept. my quesiton is am I going to get a period before I get pregant or is there a possibility that I am already pregant. I also took the depo shot because I get ovarian cysts so I have very painful ovulation and periods. But I havent had any abdominal pain since I have had the depo.


Mrs. Atacador - January 14

Charly...Oh my god I know EXACTLY what you are going threw. There is a possibility that you are pregnant but not likely. About 2 1/2 years ago I had a period and couldnt stop bleeding so I went to see my doctor and gave me the depo shot after that I never had a period again for about 10 months I started to gain alot of weight very fast and I started to get bad acne sleep alot and eat more. My body felt very old. In 3 months I gained 40lbs. And I was only 19. I am now 22 and when I went to the doctors about not having a period they put me threw alot of test to find out what was wrong with me. Threw a vaginal ultrasound I found out I have PCOS. I broke down. I have now been TTC for about 2 yrs. no luck yet. But hunny I wish I could kill the doctor that gave me that depo shot. I feel like it is all becuase of that I am haveing these problems. And to know that you have ovarian cyst already doesnt make matters better. You should go see a doctor as soon as you can. They put me on provera to get my period and it helped. If you are TTC I would see someone if not I would still see someone so that your cyst dont get worst. I also still have VERY bad pain during intercorse. Sometimes it makes it impossible to have sex. I have heard thats from the PCOS. I wish you all the luck in the world with this. God bless....Mrs. Atacador


charly - January 15

thanks that really helped but pcos has been ruled out before I even got the shot but my sister also suffers fromthis condition and she tried for five years tc and when she got pregnant 2 years later she was also pregnant she was just poping them out so keep trying it will happen soon I wish you good luck



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