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cmelissa - August 27

Tracy - I know i never thought it would come to ivf for me but my doc said its a great success for people with unexplained! I feel so stupid getting upset all the time but its such an emotional roller coaster sometimes! He gave me a card for a lady who I can talk to regarding ttc stuff - so I may giver her a call and try talking to her once or twice a month! I know IVF is so expensive - i'm almost sick to my tummy about the money we are having to spend - our ins. covers nothing. Hpoefully these injectibles will work for you! What part of FL does your mom live in?? The day i get pregnant I can't wait to tell my family - of course i will probably be so paraniod when i do get pregnant about miscarrying, etc... Well have a good night! Talk more tomorrow!


Tracy88 - August 27

My mom lives in the Keys, but has a condo up here in West Palm Beach too, so she is up here almost every weekend since she is doing work on the place. She gave me my HCG shot. She did such an awesome job, I didn't even feel it. When she met my dad she was going to nursing school in England, so the schooling paid off. She has been a teacher for thirty years, but never lost her knack I guess. I will check in on you guys some time tomorrow. When I come home from my IUI, I am going to lounge around for the sake of peace of mind for a while. Have a great night!


Tracy88 - August 27

OK, DH dropped the soldiers off at 8:00 and I am going to leave in about 5 minutes for the IUI. Pray, pray, pray and then pray some more for this to work!!!!!


cmelissa - August 27

Tracy wishing you all the luck today at your IUI!! Let us know how it goes!!


Ann1 - August 27

Tracy, good luck on your iuis!! Do you guys want to start a new thread? This one takes forever to load when I am at home! If so, feel free to pick a name. I don't have a creative bone in my body (except for cooking:)).


cmelissa - August 27

Ann great idea about making a new thread - this one does take forever to load! Maybe After Clomid Fails Part 2 - let me know if that is good and we can start it tomorrow!


Tracy88 - August 27

I was thinking the same thing as far as thread title "After Clomid Fails 2". How about I just start it now. I will see you there!


J.D. - August 28

The first month I used clomid I started bleeding alot and had really big clots.Really bad cramps also.Plus it makes me bitchy



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