After 4yrs I got my BFP!!!!!
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Marie6549 - November 24

I have taken advise from this forum for the past few years and found it to be sooo helpful. Im usually a backseat reader, although occasionally I have a chat. Just wanted to share my news with you all to give you some and dh have been ttc for 3yrs and 11mths and just found out this week we are finally pregnant. Our ds is 4yrs 3mths old and is the apple of my eye. I have been on 150mg clomid for the past year and was on 100mg for the year before that without success. We had 2 failed attempts at IUI and had kind of resigned ourselves to the fact that it wouldn't happen again and so this month did what I always used to hate people who do not know what its like to be unable to conceive say, and thats - chill out, relax and not think about it! We booked a holiday to Mexico next August, were really relaxed about bd'ing and spent some time to actually enjoy ourselves and make things as relaxed as possible and BANG! We found out on Monday and had a scan this evening. We could clearly see the sac and am going back in a week or two so hopefully we will see the heartbeat. Guess were not going to Mexico now....hee hee!! I am currently 5w5d and feel so blessed and ecstatically happy!! Good luck to you all x x x x x


JB0405 - November 24

Hi Marie, thanks for sharing. Good Luck to you and dh! We are having our 4th or 5th IUI on Monday! It has been a tough road. DH & I have been together for 6 years and married for 1 year. We never prevented pregnancy and we have been trying for almost a year with medical help. I got pregnant once and m/c. It was not easy, I had a bout with hyperstimulation and well, I am just hoping that all goes well! Again, CONGRATS of your long awaited BFP!


slowpoke01 - November 25

that is so great marie. it is so nice to hear a positive story like yours thank you so much for sharing it with us and giving us hope.


cc123 - November 26

Congratulations on your long awaited blessing! Be sure to take care of you and baby...and make sure you cherish every moment. Best wishes.


Marie6549 - November 26

Thanks for your kind wishes. I just hope that when we go back in a week or two for the second scan that their is a heartbeat! When I had my scan 2 days ago Im so sure I saw something in the sac a few times but you never know. For the time being I am going to enjoy every minute!! xx


Amysince70 - November 27

YAY!!!!!! Congratulations, Marie!


JB0405 - November 27

Hey Marie, please keep us informed about your progress...



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