After 1yr 1/2 how can it possibley happen?
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poppet8 - April 20

Hi I'm 31yrs old, myself & my husband have been trying for 1yr1/2 & I'm finding it sooo upsetting that nothing is happening & the doctors say we can't have any fertility treatment until we have tried for 3yrs. We have had tests which say we are both fine. What's going on??? I don't see how if we are timing it right how there can still be any hope.


baby1234 - April 20

There is always hope...Getting pregnant for many of us on this site is no easy task! It does take many "normal" couples up to a year to achieve pregnancy. But, you are right to get concerned after a year and a half. Find a reproductive endoctronologist for a consultation. These doctors work with fertility issues and are well versed in testing and how to help women get pregnant. The doctors, I am assuming OB/GYNs, you have talked to said to try for 3 years before getting help? 3 years is too long...most references on this topic says that you should seek help after one year if you are under 35 and after 6 months is you are 35 or older. You are your own best advocate...educate yourself, be aggressive, and get yourself pregnant! We'll be right here with you until you do! Good luck!


jlee27 - April 20

I am 27 and my husband and I were trying for a year when my dr sent me to a fertility specialist. There is no reason to wait 3 years that is ridiculous. You only have to try for a year, with no success, to be considered infertile. Even if you are both fine. There is unexplained infertility that happens to a lot of people. I would tell your dr. you want to see a fertility specialist or find one on your own if you can. I have to have referals so I have to go through my dr.


linds99 - April 20

Your doctor said 3 years? He's out of his mind. Go get another opinion...please! Don't waste time with a doctor that is not willing to see how irrationial it is to "try" for three years. If you had the basic tests, and everything is fine... I would seriously spend the next few cycles taking your temps and using ovulation predictor kits and keeping a log on a spreadsheet of your cycles and baby dancing days in the cycle. I say this because that in itself will show your doctor that you are indeed "trying" everything. Maybe he or your next doctor will take you more seriously.



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